When your heads not in the game you loose the game.

When I was playing ball my coach would always have to tell me to stop looking at the scoreboard.  I would get so worked up about the score when it came time to play I would choke, and choke horribly.  Crucial moments in the game and there I was dropping the ball or overthrowing the plate. She would walk through the dugout, hit me upside the head and tell me “forget the scoreboard and focus.”  I had to get my head in the game and off the scoreboard.

We need to get our head in the game in ministry.

Let’s forget about numbers for a sec and focus on helping people.

Forget about driving the numbers to your church.  Forget about getting people excited about attending the event.  Forget about selling the Bible study to everyone. Focus on helping people, not because it gets you the numbers, but because you want to help people.

The best tipped servers
I used to wait tables.  The best servers in the resturant were the ones focused on the service and not on the tips. Not only were they the most requested servers (having regulars keeps the bills paid) they were the best tipped.

Whenever a server constantly focused on the tips they did or didn’t get service would slip. When their service slipped their tips would drop. These girls would even get an attitude with the customers about their lousy tips.  Hmmm that could preach.

Are your events about helping people? Are they about getting the most numbers? Are you afraid of having an event because your not quite sure people will come?

Make the help relevant 
If you want the ministry to help the homeless and there are no homeless in your area, then who exactly are you helping?

If your wanting to help young single moms with a finance class, that’s great. But if you bring in a big investment guru and all she talks about is the best mutual fund and the benefits of Roth IRA’s, your not helping them. They don’t have $100K laying around, they are wondering how they are going to pay the electric bill next week.

We have a lady, Betty Jones, in our area that teaches Couponing. It’s relevant. These women learn how to cut their grocery bill in half and stock up to the point they are giving away groceries to the single moms, the widows and the less fortunate.  This class has a serious domino effect of helping people. People come out in droves for it.

Instead of thinking up stuff to do because it draws the numbers, think up stuff that will actually help people.

Niche ministries are focused help
Niche ministries, sometimes call Specialized Ministries are focused on a particular people group.  They probably won’t get the numbers like a more general ministry. However, since they are so few and far between, they can grow pretty fast.  I know one Specialized Ministry that ministers to at least 500 people a week, that’s more than a lot of churches run on Sunday.

In women’s ministries there are a lot of niches, such as Domestic Violence, Special Needs, Cancer, Alzhemier, elderly care, homebound. What about the women in the marketplace, business women, or business owners? These are all niches and specialized. There is a Bible Study/Discipleship group getting ready to start in my area just for soul winners, now that’s a niche.

What if you tackled one niche a year? You could raise up a leader, get some resources into it,  and work with it until it’s sustainable.  Do that five years in a row and you will have personally been apart of building 5 different ministries.  Those 5 ministries will add up.

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