One day I will get my mom's Bible notes and all.

I love the really deep studies. I love what all the Greek and Hebrew words really mean. I take a ton of notes. I highlight and write thoughts as I read. I preach out of my Bible and the sermons notes are scribbled in the margins. My mom’s Bible is amazing because she writes dates and why the Scripture meant so much.  One day I will get to study out of it and one day I will give my Bible to my daughter. What a rich inheritance.

I was once teaching a class of teen girls on the importance of reading their Bibles. I let them know it was okay to highlight and write in their Bibles.  I advised them to highlight any Scriptures that seemed important to them.  The next week one of the girls came back the entire Book of John was highlighted.  Yep, I walked right into that one.  LOL

It gets to the point though, we need to put the highlighters down and pick up some chalk.  It’s time we start putting what we are studying into action.  It’s time to impart the living Word into the next generation. It’s time to transfer the love for the truth to the next group of leaders.  We need to come up with creative ways to get the next generation excited about God’s Word.

This weeks video is Madea’s (Tyler Perry) way of  getting us to wake up and really teach the Word.

My personal favorite is “Peter was walking on the water and Noah came up with his Arch which is now a cruise ship called the St. Louis Arch.”  Where does he come up with this stuff?

Q4U: What’s your favorite Bible story?