I’m convinced if you could win souls you can do anything.

Some objections are easily addressed with a simple Word from God.  His Words are like flaming arrows that melt the coldest hearts. One Word from God and all is healed.  One nod from the throne and resources are available.

Normally what blocks people from receiving from Heaven are people.

Some are like giant boulders.

Here are two I find the worst to overcome


Indifference is probably the most difficult.  This is the lethargy of the sinner.  They could care less one way or another.  They really don’t care enough about religion or spiritual matters even to oppose it.  They are neither here or there.  Indifference has reeked havoc on our political system, our judicial system even our educational system.  They make no stands on principles. They really don’t have a purpose of even want one.  They prefer the fence on most issues.  They only time they use God’s name is in profanity.

Your only hope to overcome it is to be twice as earnest yourself. Keep your own zeal alive.  If your life ablaze for God has no affect, don’t stop, don’t get discouraged move on. I would rather have an intense opposer than indifference. At least I know where they stand, and the earnest resister will actually show  up.


Matt 13:57-58 his own country… he did not many works because of their unbelief.

This is evil, and in some a very pronounced evil.

Their opinions are more weighty to them, more worthy of belief than anything you could say. They absolutely will not accept a word if it is in the Scriptures.  It’s like a gimme, the moment you mention the Bible saying anything they will find some way to refute it. No matter how much common sense it makes, they will make a case. They will argue the point for the mere fact it is found in the Bible.  This is the worst case scenario.

But I have found they are sitting in the church, too. Try telling a lady she is healed, when she suffers from a stronghold of unbelief.  They will tell you every reason in the world they are not healed, or still living in poverty, or still married to the jerk in the next room. They are not won over by an arguement.  They will barricade their minds against any assault of reason.

Now there are some that it’s not so much strong unbelief as much as they are believing little lies planted in them a long time age.  Let the truth shine light on the lie.

To remove this obstacle of unbelief you will need to use your faith rather than reason, which means living up to your convictions of truth. It will do more than any arguement.

Q4U: What kind of obstacles have you encountered?