Every church has them. Some sit right next to you, but often they sit alone.

They are on the frontline of soul winning every day.

They are in the heat of the fiercest battle 24/7.

There are a handful of books to encourage them and there is very few ministries just for them.

They are often the most judged in church and often most ignored.

They are my favorite soul winners. I love these women, I weep for them often.

These are the women married to unbelievers.

 “Unbeliever” is not a dirty word here. 
Some of these guys get a bum wrap. I am not denying some are downright scoundrels, abusive, and addicted.

Their actions speak loud our response needs to be steeped in love, acceptance and prayer.

However, some are great husbands and fathers.  They are bent for family values, they have amazing common sense, they protect and provide better than some men in the church. Yet, the are still going to hell and their wives know it.

Forget Sundays
There are 52 days on the calender these women would like to erase, Sundays.
They go to the “family church” alone. They feel the same rejection Jesus felt when His people denied him.  The loneliness is made real every Sunday.

They are greeted every week with “How is your husband?”  She is polite on most Sundays. But there are those Sundays her insides are screaming “Why don’t you call him and ask him yourself!”

They hear the excuses all soul winners hear. Except these excuses come with a bite, a rejection on a deep personal level. They are sometimes even mocked, scorned and made a spectacle in front of family and friends. Some will even be shamed in front of their own children.

We don’t have to go to some Middle Eastern country to be persecuted for our faith.  It is happening right in our own churches.

Soul winning is a lifestyle for them
These women have to be in the Spirit 24/7. They can’t go home and flesh out like the rest.  If they do, they might cast a shadow on the good name of Jesus.  In some instances any ungodly attitude is used against them.

This is fierce soul winning
Soul winning on the streets is easy, compared to this.   Think about your house filled with unbelievers living entirely in their flesh. These women eat and sleep daily with the unbeliever.  That can become another issue entirely.

I love these soul winners.  Some are so badly wounded, shamed and rejected all they can do at the altar is weep.

The Hope Tour (thank you Marsha Woolley) had a workshop just for these ladies. What made me a little upset, is these soul winners had to go to this workshop alone. We are their sisters! We can’t let them walk through this alone. Some were so ashamed in front of their sisters they didn’t even go.  That’s another issue, too.

They have a special place in my heart, because I have lived it.  Take it from me, they need your prayers and true understanding.  Put these guys name on your list for salvation and don’t let up.

If you are one of these soul winners please know you are not alone, all of heaven is cheering for you. Hang in there, help is on it’s way. I personally would like to partner with you in prayer. Please email me sandivand@me.com.

If you are a Women’s Ministry leader and would like to minister specifically to these women, I am your biggest fan! Please pray about how the ministry can help these silent warriors.  If there is anything I can help you with, don’t hesitate to ask.  I have a burden for them, like no other. It thrills me to be apart of their victory.

Q4U: Do you think a woman should still give in the offerings even if her unbelieving husband refuses?