Jesus Asked Wednesday
Each Wednesday is Jesus Asked. We will take one Jesus question a week and  transparently try to answer it. Hopefully we can grow and be changed together into the women God created us to be. Check out Jesus Asked for more detail.

This week’s question is:

Do not the unbelievers do the same? (Matt 5:47)

Sometimes I think that I’m all that and a bag of chips because of my being royalty and all.  Sometimes I will even be proud of being humble! That’s just twisted I know.

Sometimes I don’t think I have what it takes.  I wake up in the morning questioning if I am good enough.  I look in the mirror and will find every reason why I can’t do it. I am too fat, too old, not old enough, I don’t know enough, I don’t have enough, you know the whole work out.

Sometimes I think what we are doing to help the needy is great and wonderful, how we rally behind an injustice, even how we give financially.

When I heard this question in my Spirit  “Do not unbelievers do the same?” it hit me like a Mack truck.

Unbelievers do the same thing.  They see themselves as God gift to humanity. They fear people will find out they aren’t. They give generously.  They support the same causes I support.  They probably out give me two to one in time, energy and money.

So what makes me so different from the unbelievers?

Let’s get this question in context.
Jesus is giving the infamous Sermon on the Mount. He points out we are to be salt and light, significant influencers.

He gives a series of examples of life lived through man’s laws and ways.  He shows a standard that every person on Earth ought to live, without any help from Him.   

With each example He raises the bar. He makes the “ought to’s” impossible.  

Then he checks to see if I am with Him, if I am getting what He is saying.  Or is my self righteousness still blinding me.  He throws out the question “Don’t the unbelievers do the same?”

In that moment Jesus stopped being a teacher and became a Savior.

I’m a fighter, and when He brought up the whole forgiving, blessing and praying for my enemy thing I knew I couldn’t do it. 

There is no way I can be salt and light, especially to the ones that hurt me. There is no way I can significantly impact my world, always offended.  There is no way I can walk around on this planet professing to be a Christian while hating on my neighbors. That question revealed my deep need for His presence.

It was at that moment the Beattitudes made perfect sense.

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