When I meet another believer I like to know their testimony.  I want to know how they became a believer. I’m not really concerned when as much as I am how. I want to know what was it about Jesus that caused them to give up all rights to themselves.

There is something about Jesus that caused us to abandon all that we hold dear, our lifestyles, our way of thinking, our tragedies and our successes.  That “something” about Jesus is what wins people. People can relate on so many levels to that.

There is something about the Cross in your life that draws you to Him.  It will draw people too.

To be an effective witness for Jesus, the first tool you have is your testimony.

It is also your most powerful tool
When witnessing some people plow, sow, water and even reap. Your story does all that and then some.

You story will break up the hardest ground.  Your story will melt the coldest hearts.  Your story will stand against more objections than any Scripture debate.

Your story will sow a ton of seeds.  Whether you know it or not there is a lot going on in your transformed life.  All based on the promises of God.

Your story will water the seeds already planted.  You see your story will encourage others to trust Him too.  Your story will make it easy for others to believe in His faithfulness.

You story will cause people to ask “How can I get that?” or “What must I do?” Oh what a blessed day when that happens.

What is a testimony?

1 John 5:11 And this is the testimony: that God has given us eternal life, and this life is in His Son.

Eternal life is received when we trust Jesus Christ.  Eternal life can be synonmous with trusting Jesus. Our testimony is simply telling what is eternal life, this life of trusting Jesus.

What caused you to trust Jesus for eternal life? That’s  your testimony.

Here are some questions that can get you started with your testimony.

  1. What was I before I received eternal life? In other words, who was I before I trusted Jesus?  What was my lifestyle, what was my circumstance?
  2. How I received eternal life?  What was those moments like for you? What flipped in my thinking?
  3. What does trusting Jesus mean to me now?

This is a great tool for fearful evangelist that don’t know what to say.

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