Here are some tips when developing your testimony.
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Keep your focus on the main thing
In yesterday’s post there are 3 questions to help develop your testimony. A common mistake people make is they spend more time on question 1 (who were you before you met Jesus) than they do on 3 (why you trust Jesus now).  The reverse needs to be true. Spend more time developing “what does trusting Jesus mean to me now?”

People don’t really have an interest in when and how you were born, nor where you went to school, nor where your parents lived.  They want to know where you are now, today and why?

Emphasize the positive
Steer clear of highlighting how frustrating your life became since meeting Jesus. You know, all your party friends stopped calling, you lost your job or you became very ill.

Most of that is because Jesus is wanting you to live differently than you used to. He wants you to make better decisions, and stop from doing it your way, which got you into the mess the first place.

He is teaching you to trust Him in all that.  Yes talking about the frustrations have their place but remember your not out trying to get sympathy from people, your purpose it reveal the real King.

Be yourself, enough said.

Keep it short and simple
Be attentive and respectful of peoples time. Make a cardboard testimony if you have to.  I personally have three versions 90 second, 5 minute and a 30 minute.

Tone it down
We have some powerful testimonies of God’s transforming power. God can change the worst of the worst. If you are a transformed criminal all of society is grateful, one less criminal to worry about. If your witnessing to people who has never seen jail, nor lived in the criminal element they can’t relate.   What happens is people will say “that’s great, but I’m not like that” or “I’m not that bad” and then clutch their purse a little tighter hoping you don’t relapse.

Use discretion
You might have been a victim to some serious stuff, and God getting you through it is amazing.  However, we don’t need to ruin anyone’s reputation or dignity in the process.  You will sound vindictive.  Some of the details are inappropriate in a public setting or with age groups. Would you want people telling everyone what you did?

Write it down
This is a good place to start. It will help you to organize your thoughts and keeps you from rambling to people. 

Read it out loud to yourself in the mirror.
You got to see and hear yourself give it.  The more you speak it out loud the more it grows in you.  Your personal faith will grow by doing this.

Practice with friends.
Let your buddies hear it.  If you can’t tell them, how are you going to tell a stranger? Open up your Bible studies or Life Groups with a testimony. Remember this is about soul winning testimonies.  Praise reports are vital and important and have it’s place. Practice these type testimonies for the purpose of developing confidence in soul winning.  This is speaking about trusting in Jesus and what eternal life means.

This is a great way of getting the women to conquer their fear of stepping out and winning souls.  Let them develop their story by giving them a spot on the program to share their testimony.

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