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Guy strikes up a conversation with another guy at a bus stop in New York City. The first guy asks the second “What do you do?” The second guy replies with “I’m an actor.” The first guy says back to him, “Oh, yeah, which restaurant?”

If you didn’t get it, the joke says that all actors in New York work as servers. There’s something to that whole starving artist scene. It is said that of all the actors that go to Hollywood, only 1% make it. That’s 1 out of 100, 100 out of 1000, 1000 out of 10,000. That’s a small number! To help you understand what that means, is that 1% become working actors.

A successful, working actor is not necessarily a famous actor. A successful actor would be one who finds employment for 3 to 6 months a year, and that doesn’t mean consecutively, that’s 3 to 6 months somewhere in a year’s time.

They usually have a job in another industry to make rent, so to speak. This person may do commercials, small walk on rolls, plays, ect. ,as a performer in the industry. The abundant amount of money that famous actors, musicians, and directors make, can make you think that all people in the entertainment business are living large. And that, my friends, is the 1%! What about the other 99% who aren’t “successful”?

Where oh where did your point go? What’s all this have to do with ministry anyway?

Ministry is hard work. Not everyone who sets out to do ministry becomes the next Joyce Meyer, and I dare say, that if your goal is to become the next Joyce, then your focus is off.  Only Joyce can be Joyce, you be you.

As ministers, we need to check our motives. Why are we doing what we do? Is it because we love Jesus & want to obey Him whole heartedly or is it so WE can become something spectacular?

Is it Jesus’s kingdom we are promoting, or is it our next book, teaching or Sunday School? Are we looking to entertain the Christians and win their applause, or are we bold enough to go against the status quo and really step “outside the box” and follow the call of God into the unknown?

Do I think it’s wrong to have dreams? No, I have dreams too.  What I do think is wrong is delusions of grandeur.

According to wikipedia, and this makes me smile, a delusion of grandeur can be defined as, “In colloquial usage, one who overestimates one’s own abilities, talents, stature or situation is sometimes said to have ‘delusions of grandeur’. This is generally due to excessive pride rather than any actual delusions.”

They have stars in their eyes. Let’s make sure we are giving God His glory rather than trying to take it for ourselves.

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