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Theater cliche of the day: There are no small parts, just small actors.

Ok, so there is no tally of theater cliche’s of the day, but this topic of starry eyed Christians has been on my mind for quite some time. Sometimes I feel that I don’t have anything more to say on the matter, but then at other times, I feel like I can’t say enough.

If anyone could give another voice to what I have been thinking about, it would be the Gospel Coalition’s post “No Pastor Goes Unnoticed,” it is worth the read.

Disturbingly, what I increasingly find is the glorification of the position instead of glorifying the God of the position. It’s as if people believe that what they do for the Kingdom is not important unless it’s big and flashy. Sometimes, this thought process is found on a local level. GASP! I know! I believe it’s a struggle for many people not to compare and contrast their own ministries and lives, I have had to repent myself.

Not long ago, I was with Sandy at a church she was asked to preach at. After the service was over, a woman approached me, patted me on the shoulder and remarked “You get to travel with her.” It wasn’t a question or a curiosity.

It was a WOW! moment. A “thats-so-great-isn’t-it-cool-?-you-are-so-lucky-to-be-around-Sandy!” kind of moment. (Now, don’t get this mixed up, I love Sandy. I enjoy being around her & serving her.) I was so taken aback as the realization hit me that she regarded the ministerial position as being the thing to be revered, all I could reply with was “Uh-huh.” Since then, I have had a talk with God on what I should do when __________.

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