Matthew 26:53
Don’t you realize that I could ask my Father for thousands of angels to protect us, and he would send them instantly?

I think I was born afraid.  I was afraid of the dark. I would have the toughest time to sleep. I had an old picture that hung in my room of an angel guarding two little kids.  I totally related. It comforted me. I would stare at it, and pray for an angel and eventually fall asleep.

She wasn’t fierce, but she was comforting, fierce would probably have scared me more.

I was afraid of people. I was afraid of what people thought of me.

Here is a kicker for you I was afraid of people, yet I was afraid of being alone.  It’s complicated, anything set up by Satan is complicated.

I was intimidated easy as child, so as I grew older I would fight twice as hard and be the first to strike.

I would have the worst panic attacks. And during one season of fear I wouldn’t even leave my house.

I have been set free, God delivered me.

Every time I would get afraid, I would use this verse. I would face whatever was trying to intimidate me with a great big “Don’t you know I could ask my Father for a thousand angels?”

For some reason your confidence comes back when you start talking about calling a thousand angels to come and protect you.

I know Jesus asked it, but I believe it was an example for all of us scaredy cats, particularly Peter.

Judas brings a mob armed to the teeth to arrest one guy.  But really it was a good move on their part.  I mean Jesus was performing all kinds of miracles and they all knew it.  Maybe they wanted to make a show out of it, you know drama it up a bit for the onlookers, just in case anyone got any ideas about saving him.

It's just like us to respond to the drama with more drama.

Which one of them did. Peter! You gotta love Peter.

Peter draws his sword and takes off not just any guys ear, not a peon in the mob, nope.  Peter takes off the ear of the High Priest’s servant. It was one of those acts you can’t tell if it was a brilliant idea or a really stupid one.

Nonetheless the guy has no ear.

Jesus addresses the fear in Peter by asking this confidence building question.

You know Jesus always seems to get right to the heart of the matter.The question reassures Peter, that Jesus is still in control no matter how bad it looks.

He follows it up with another question about fullfilling prophecies. They sort of go hand in hand.

Sometimes our destiny is the trial.  We must face it, like Jesus. It’s a confidence boost to know all of Heaven is cheering for us when we do.

If your feeling the least bit intimidated remember Jesus is our Advocate in heaven. He can keep us safe.

I was set free from fear in an instant. It took some time to walk it out and break some habits. It really helped when I kept my focus on Jesus and not the issue at hand.

I understand the struggles of fear and all the complications that go with it. Please know you too can be set free.

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