by Guest Blogger – Tiffanie McCurdy

My favorite musical has to be Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat! I love everything about it! Joseph (Jacob’s favorite son) one of my favorite people of the Bible, his story is set to a great soundtrack with some dancing, I am so in! (Did I mention that Donnie Osmond played Joseph for a long time & did the film version too!!!!)

Joseph (the show) is actually a complicated show to put together. It was originally written for school children to perform, but that doesn’t mean it is easy to do. It has a huge cast of characters including a narrarator, Joseph, his 11 brothers, Jacob, Pharoah, Pottifer & his wife, and not to mention the chorus!

 I am sure that I didn’t name them all. Throw in an orchestra & the crew needed to handle all the backstage technical stuff and wow! I have worked shows that numbered 60 in the cast, it’s no easy task, somethings won’t go right, but the pay off is spectacular!

Joseph & well, Joseph, are not unalike in this way. Joseph (the person) went through some hot water for a long time, his life was no easy task. God did have a plan for his life that was a huge undertaking, and that’s putting it very, very lightly; it didn’t always look like something anyone would sign up for, and it didn’t magically appear overnight. Things did NOT go right for Joseph!

But there’s something to say for faithfulness. If anything, Joseph was that, faithful. He served in the prison, he was constantly rising to the top. He had favor on his life. Joseph served God over men in his circumstance, and in the end, Joseph did take on an enormous project that saved the lives of not just his family, but 2 entire nations. Can anyone say grace?

While we are waiting around for destiny to strike, let us not forget what God has already shown us. Faithfulness.

God is not a genie. He’s not going to wave a wand or wiggle his nose and magically you will be fullfilling your destiny. Nope, that’s not how it works. Your destiny will involve a huge cast.

Rather, my friends, waiting means to wait upon. To serve. Like in a restaurant, servers, waiters. To truly wait, is to go on serving God and filling His orders. That is where destiny begins. When the characters of the story converge, when the non-events of everyday life suddenly become a piece of the puzzle. When faithfulness wins out over easy street.

When does eternal life begin? Jesus prayed, in John 17:3,  “This is eternal life, that they may know You, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom You have sent.” Eternal life is to know God, that begins now.

Take note from Joseph.

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