Want more power on your witness?

Want to be anointed for God’s service?

What was one of Paul’s secret to his anointing.


Gal 6:17 I bear in my body the marks of Jesus.

Stigma is a pure Greek word meaning mark or brand burned on the body. It’s a distinguishing mark.  Normally anyone bearing this mark was considered the bottom of the barrel. In today’s language it is a mark of disgrace, a stain or a reproach, offensive.

Paul was saying he bears in his body the stain, the disgrace the reproach of Jesus. People were offended by Jesus, so much so they crucified Him, and that same stigma Paul had.

So how do you get a brand of Jesus? Combine two essential ingredients.

Be at home with yourself. 
Be comfortable with who you are. You will teach more naturally, pray more naturally, read your Bible naturally.

Jesus is looking for people that will worship in Spirit and truth. When you are true to yourself you are more teachable and more open to move in step with the Spirit.

That’s being honest with you, with God and with others. It sets you up to bear the marks of Jesus. He likes you just the way you are.

Let the Holy Spirit be at home with you.
Do you have certain friends or family members that make themselves right at home as soon as they walk in? They will go to the fridge, grab a drink, maybe even make a sandwich for both of you.

It’s the same with the Holy Spirit.  He has complete access to you, all of you. He is comfortable with you and you are comfortable with Him.

The Holy Spirit rest on Jesus like a dove.  The Holy Spirit made himself at home with Jesus.  What qualities attract a dove to rest on you?  Peace, calm, quietness. There is no working this stuff up, it’s a lifestyle.

You could be the next vessel of hope.

This stigma is another way of saying anointing. We become better soul winners when we are anointed with His Spirit. We are one with the Spirit, a partnership. You are the vessel and He is, well everything else.

Your particular anointing is your unique way of expressing Jesus to the world. It will distinguish you.

Anointing is annoying to some
Like the stigma, your  anointing will offend  people.

Jesus’ anointing really ticked people off.  Why?  Because they didn’t like the whole “His way” thing. They still don’t today.

God’s anointing annoys people.  Why? Because He is the end all be all and not them.

The Holy Spirit annoys people. Why? Because they don’t like the light, they prefer the darkness.

Who knows your anointing might be to brash or forward for some. Your anointing could be to soft spoken, or to intellectual. It doesn’t matter, you being you allows the Holy Spirit full on access to flow to and through you.

Judge not
The flip side of offending people is being offended by people.  Be careful when you start getting annoyed by the way some people worship, or speak the Word.  Be careful of judging people’s style of delivery or even they way the walk or talk.  They might be anointed. Remember “touch not my Anointed Ones” that goes for anyone anointed, not just your leader.

A lot of people missed the Messiah because they were offended by His anointing.  His distinquishing mark of being the only Way was and is a stumbling block today.

I can think of nothing worse than for God to be at work and for me not to see it.  For His anointing to be on someone’s ministry and for me not to recognize it.

Q4U: What do you do when you start getting annoyed by someone’s anointing?