Matthew 7:2 Why do you notice the splinter in your brother’s eye yet fail to perceive the wooden beam in your own eye?

The mere idea of a person walking around with a log, stuck in their eye cracks me up. Add to that trying to get a speck out of someone else’s eye.  I can see Carol Burnett and Lucille Ball working this one.

Ever have an eye lash in your eye? Then have your friend try and get it out? Not only do you have an eye lash in your eye, now you have your friend’s finger too.

So how do you get specks out of eyes? Flush the eye, don’t put your finger in it.

There is a lesson in this. Sometimes like a speck in the eye our lives will get so uncomfortable we can’t help but want it out.

It is flushing our lives with the living water, the Holy Spirit that gets the specks out. This also means we can trust the Holy Spirit to flush out other people’s specks too! God has a way of sorting people out so we don’t have to.

Sometimes in ministry I have had people start weeping in the service, later come up and say “I don’t know why I am crying so much.” I know why.  The Holy Spirit is getting the specks out. Crying keeps your head from swelling.

I have a rule of thumb before I correct or run to the pastor about anyone, I pray for them for 24 hours.  I’m not talking about praying a two minute “God open their eyes so they can see they are a big fat liar, prideful and oh yeah obstinate and disrespectful. Bless them Lord with revelation.”  Then show up the next day with your list of what’s wrong.

I’m talking about 24 hours of praying for them. Log some time in for them.  Pray for them the way you would want someone to pray for you. By the time I’m done if I do have to mention a sin, not a fault, I normally have tears in my own eyes.

 Judge not
Judging other people is always counterproductive. Trying to change someone or straighten them out seems to have the opposite effect and eventually backfires.

The true test of spirituality is not pointing the spiritual finger. I have seen good people raked over the coals because someone who thought they were better could correct them.

When can we judge? When there is no plank in our own eyes.  If I have to know that there is no plank in my own eye before I can judge then I am done.

Planks makes us blind.  Offense makes us blind. It would be the height of arrogance to claim we are totally plank free.

There are times to judge. I just don’t think it happens as much as some people tend to think it does. I also think people use correcting to disguise their judgement. It’s abuse.

Correcting someone without the Cross is condemning and seriously wrong. On the other hand we want people restored not beaten to a bloody pulp with a Bible and a rugged cross.

How do I know all this? I’ve been on both sides of the specks and planks. I read this question a few times, never thinking I had a plank, until I deeply hurt someone. They stopped coming to church. My plank caused serious damage.  I’ve done everything I can to get them to come back and I pray for them often.

Not one of my finest moments. Take it from me – Yank the Plank! before you hurt someone.

Don’t get me wrong, the line “Don’t judge me” isn’t condoned here. That’s another post. Here is an article that can help when people do criticize and complain which came from judging you. 7 Things you can do to reduce complaints

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