A native of Frankfurt was selling his delicious sausages at the 1904 St. Luis World Fair. Like with most things good there comes a price, grease. His solution at the moment was gloves, until he ran out.

People began to snub their nose at the greasy goodness aghast there were no gloves. He tried everywhere for gloves but was met with a big “nope can’t help you.”  He didn’t quit.

A solution was right around the corner. A local baker had an idea, a roll that would hold the hot dog. It worked! Hot dog buns were created.

Just because we have an obstacle or a disadvantage doesn’t mean God is not in it. I have seen people quit before they even get started, at the first hint of adversity to overcome.

Struggles and obstacles will develop skills in us to compensate for the disadvantage. These compensating skills are the very things that makes us successful. When we are weak He is strong.

A solution to your problem is one question away
James tells us “you have not because you ask not” and “if you need wisdom ask for it, he won’t begrudge you for asking.” To think we can navigate through some of the difficulties we face without divine help is a bit arrogant.

i normally miss the wisdom because it comes in ways I don’t expect. Back in 1904 they never heard of hot dog or hamburger buns, much less Dr. Pepper, x-ray machines, electric typewriters, coffee makers and my personal favorite dishwashers. Those solutions started with a little tiny idea.

This hot dog vendor had an obstacle, a disadvantage and the way he solved it changed the way we do cookouts. A lot of solutions came out of that World Fair, tiny ideas sparked others to take it a step further.

Butcher or Baker
The butcher and baker in our story helped each other.  Sometimes we won’t have a solution until we team up with others. When we hide our obstacles from others we might be preventing the solution from breaking ground. The butcher could have been discouraged and went home.

The baker could have passed the butcher off as that ill-prepared vendor around the corner and never said a word. What obstacle does your family, your church or even your community, or a local people group face? How can you be a solution to that problem?

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