Help breeds hope.  One little act of help could be the defining moment another needs to step up and out of their broken situation.

Doors of opportunity have the word help written on them.  When you see someone that needs help there is that door of opportunity you have been praying for.

I like being inspired by people overcoming all the odds.  I like watching them do their thing in spite of their disability, the crazy circumstances, or even the nay sayers.  I’m motivated to step up too.

There is something that really inspires me. It is the person behind them, the care giver, the cheerleader, the one person that sacrificed everything for them.

It’s grace, flowing to us and through us to help others face their challenge.

For instance:
Here is someone born premature, addicted, blind and autistic. Relatives adopted him out of foster care and helped him overcome. This family took on a baby with a lot of challenges and special needs in spite of the cost.

I love the song “Open the Eyes of my heart!” It is perfect for all of us.

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