I love quotes and have a collection of them. I appreciate the way people say things. I also like to know who said it.  There is just something about a quote from someone that has actually accomplished something in contrast to someone who hasn’t anything under their belt but an opinion.

Here are some of my favorite ones about the Bible which is now a controversial issue.  

In most parts of the Bible, everything is implicitly or explicitly introduced with “Thus saith the Lord”. It is… not merely a sacred book but a book so remorselessly and continuously sacred that it does not invite — it excludes or repels — the merely aesthetic approach. You can read it as literature only by a tour de force… It demands incessantly to be taken on its own terms: it will not continue to give literary delight very long, except to those who go to it for something quite different. I predict that it will in the future be read, as it always has been read, almost exclusively by Christians. —C.S. Lewis author of the “Chronicles of Narnia”

“This book had to be written by one of three people: good men, bad men or God. It couldn’t have been written by good men because they said it was inspired by the revelation of God. Good men don’t lie and deceive. It couldn’t have been written by bad men because bad men would not write something that would condemn themselves. It leaves only one conclusion. It was given by divine inspiration of God.” John Wesley

“It is impossible to enslave mentally or socially a Bible-reading people.  The principles of the Bible are the groundwork of human freedom.” Horace Greely Editor and Politician

“England has two books; the Bible and Shakespeare. England made Shakespeare, but the Bible made England.” Victor Hugo, French writer, 1802-1885

“I consider an intimate knowledge of the Bible an indispensable quality of a well educated man.” Dr. Robert Milikan, former President of the California Inst. Of Tech. And Nobel Peace Prize winner

“I prefer to believe those writers who get their throats cut for what they write.” Pascal, French philosopher and mathematician, developed the modern theory of probability, 1623-1662

“Jewish authors would never have invented either that style nor that morality; and the Gospel has marks of truth so great, so striking, so utterly inimitable, that the invention of it would be more astonishing than the hero.” Jean Jacques Rousseau, French skeptic

“A thousand times over, the death knell of the Bible has been sounded, the funeral procession formed, the inscription cut on the tombstone, and committal read. But somehow the corpse never stays put.” Bernard Ramm,  Author of Protestant Christian Evidences

My personal favorite

“A Bible that’s falling apart usually belongs to someone who isn’t.”  Charles Spurgeon

Here is my own

I used to think something terrible would happen if you dropped your bible, or if you burned it, or worse if you tore a page. Now, the worse thing you could do to your Bible is not read it. I have really become a rebel because I write in mine.   Sandy van der Meulen

Q4U: What’s your favorite qoute?