Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy stepped through the wardrobe in the old professor’s house, they entered the fantastic land of Narnia.

It was winter. In fact, Mr. Tumnus, the Faun, said to the children: “It is winter in Narnia, and has been ever so long.”

A bit later, over tea, Mr. Tumnus said to Lucy that it was the White Witch “who makes it always winter. Always winter and never Christmas; think of that!”

Have you ever gone through stuff and wonder “when is this ever going to end?”  Have you ever got through one circumstance only to be faced with another, no break in between.

Winter can be brutal.  For some it’s hard and isolating.  There is a reason no one is buying time shares at the North or South Poles. Can you imagine an endless winter?

Now imagine winter with no Christmas.

Chilly bite of life is taking it’s toll
It might be their first year alone, they really haven’t figured out what to do with the stocking left behind.  Maybe the divorce is final, and the newly single mom is trying to figure how to tell the kids Dad is with another family this year.  An elderly woman is experiencing her first sterile cold environment of a nursing home reminiscing the quilt she made for her daughter.  It could be your neighbor finishing the last round of chemo.

It’s time for a Winter Revolution
You are the hero this year.  It’s your turn to break up winter with Christmas.  This is an “all call” for all the superhero’s to step up to the plate. It’s time to break up this endless winter and bring some hope.

This means stepping out of the Church walls.  Yes there are plenty of people in church needing help and hopefully you have been helping them all year long.

I’m talking about being like Jesus. He stepped out of glory to be with us.  You can step out of your glory at church and be with the broken, the afflicted and the weak.

Here is just a little list of things we can do to start a revolution

1 – Personally write Christmas cards to people and mail them.  Especially someone that has blessed you the past year and is now going through their own valley.

2- Make brownies, cookies whatever your good at and take it to a neighbor. Invite a single mom (and their kids) over for dinner.  They normally don’t care what  your house looks like.

3 – Take some Christmas cheer to a nursing home, if you play an instrument, sing even puppets will work.

4 – Flash mob your neighborhood, mall, nursing home, emergency room, even the park or grocery store with every choir member, worship band member from every church you know to go Christmas caroling. Here’s some lyrics for you. Christmas fun!

5 – Make a donation to  A21 Campaign, and help stop human trafficking. What a present for someone?

6 – Crisis pregnancy center could use some diapers, baby clothes, cribs and high chairs.  Check them out.

7 – Safe Space an organization for domestic violence could always use personal hygine items.

8 – Donate clothes to the needy. In the Chronicles of Narnia they went through their warddrobe, you can too.

9 – Take an ornament off your tree. Go visit someone you know going through a valley and give it to them.  I never know what to say, so I just sit with them and not say anything. I listen.  Then I give them the ornament.

10 – Take someone who can’t get out much this weekend (be a-spur-of-the-moment kind of gal) to see Christmas lights.

Let’s step out of our church bubbles and break up the endless winter.

Q4U: Got any other ideas we can do this weekend?