Did you ever hear of the Kamikaze pilot who flew 21 missions? Well, we have to say at least he stuck to it.

This Kamikaze pilot was committed to flying missions but not to the purpose of those missions.

We can get so committed to the being a Christian that we miss the purpose of the Christian.  What’s our purpose?  To know Him and make Him known.  That’s it. To love God with all we are and all we got and to love others, by His grace you can do this.

Let me put it another way.

Now I don’t mind if I walk into a business or recieve a card and get the “Season’s Greeting” or “Happy Holidays.”

Some people get really worked up about this. It really bothers them when people don’t want to say “Merry Christmas.” To some it’s like a slap in the face.

You see we are committed to Christmas, especially Jesus being the reason for the season, yet we can miss the purpose of Christmas.

Personally I don’t believe anyone, any government, any law, any cultural fad, any power can take Christ out of Christmas.  I don’t believe Christmas can be eradicated.  People can try, it just won’t  happen.  Why?  God builds His church, that’s us, and hell can not prevail against it/us.  As long as the church is walking around, functioning on this planet Christmas will be here.

We put Christ in Christmas, not a business, not a greeter, not anyone but us.  No matter where you go you are representing Christ. I just don’t see Christ as some grumpy guy with Santa issues.

Now I’m not saying hand over all your religious freedoms, I’m just saying if we are going to make a stand for Christmas let’s do it in a way that promotes the purpose of Christmas.

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