Jesus fully realized all that was going to happen to him, so he stepped forward to meet them. “Who are you looking for?” he asked. John 18:4

Jesus stepped forward, He did this a lot.  He stepped forward for the lady who was going to be stoned.  He stepped forward and caught Peter during the whole walking on water scene.  He stepped forward and called a man out of his grave.  He stepped forward and turned over some money maker’s tables. He stepped forward and challenged every authority of God’s Word on the planet.

Jesus, knowing full well, what to expect stepped out of Glory and took His first step forward to meet us when Mary conceived.

People has been looking for Him ever since the Garden. He totally surprises the church leaders and shows up unexpectantly in some feeding trough with a hint of scandel in the gene pool.

They were looking for a Revolutionary King and they got a baby instead.  They were looking for a Savior with an army and they got a carpenter with some fishermen.  They were looking for someone that would challenge authority, they just weren’t expecting him to challenge theirs.

Today people are still looking for Him. I believe He is still asking “Who are you looking for?” Here is a little list of Jesus’ I looked for.

1. The Rolex Jesus. This Jesus has all the stuff to make your life a whole lot easier.  As long as this Jesus is providing the easy life they are in.  This Jesus promises health, wealth, mansions and luxury cars— and he demands you pay the preacher big bucks or you won’t get any of it. If your not experiencing any of this then you don’t have any faith or something is morally wrong.

2. The Santa Claus Jesus. He lives far, far away and visits rarely. He makes a list and checks it twice, and his love is based on your performance. If you aren’t too naughty he gives you what you ask for.

3. The Rabbit Foot Jesus. Some people treat Jesus like a magic charm. They don’t seek to know Him personally, but they figure if they show up at a church service a few times a year, or hang a picture of him on their wall, they’ll be lucky when bad things happen to other people. They even have magic words “in Jesus name” just finish every prayer with that whether you believe it’s for Jesus sake or not and it will magically appear.

4. The Oprah Jesus. He’s soft, cuddly and adaptable to your spiritual preferences. He lets you define your own morality. He’s like a spiritual bartender—he’ll mix Buddhism, Hinduism and hedonism into your favorite New Age cocktail. He invites you to eat, drink and be merry because all religions lead to heaven.

5. The Fightin’ Fundie Jesus. He’s always angry, especially at homosexuals, women who work outside the home, and stores that sell liquor on Sundays. Whatever you do don’t even think about Halloween or Super Bowl Sunday.  At any moment he’s ready to unleash an earthquake to destroy America. He doesn’t really like other countries either.

6. The Liberal Mainline Jesus. He’s similar to the Oprah Jesus, but more respectable. He doesn’t mind if you rewrite the Bible, but he requires that you wear a suit to church and that you sing the first, second and fourth verse of every hymn. And he asks that you keep your music very mellow.

7. The Rock Star Jesus. This one is hugely popular today. He doesn’t care how you live your life during the week, or who you sleep with, but in church you must be trendy and use lots of hair gel. Songs must be loud (even if they have no content) and sermons must have a lot of movie clips. Words such as “sin” or “holiness” are off-limits because they are just not cool.

8. The Republican Jesus. When this flag-waving Jesus was transfigured, he appeared with George Washington and Ronald Reagan. He’s willing to bend the rules and let certain conservative politicians and pundits into heaven  if they promise to keep taxes low and guns available.

9. The Democratic Jesus. He rides on a donkey and dispenses good will, health care and stimulus money to all who are weary and heavy-laden. He steals from the rich, gives to the poor and creates jobs for people who are too lazy to work. He’s fine if you talk about God in speeches, as long as you don’t mention sin or offend a special interest group

One of my favorite verses is

Hebrews 11:6
And it is impossible to please God without faith. Anyone who wants to come to him must believe that God exists and that he rewards those who sincerely seek him.

Some version say “diligintely” seek Him. I like that.  I want to be diligent about seeking Him, but I want to seek Him, not my idea of Him. I want to meet the real Jesus.

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