Guest Blogger  Candice Praise Hatcher
There are only a few people in the world I can honestly say when they worship God in their gifts and talents they are truly worshipping God, and Candice is one of them. She is an amazing single mom ( a feat within itself), songwriter, and lover of God’s word.  It’s an honor and privilege to pour into her and particularly watch her fly.

Can you have hope in Home Alone?

When I think back to what made Christmas so happy as a child, I think of family getting together, playing games with the classic Christmas songs by Bing Crosby and other greats from that era playing in the background.

Let’s not forget the pretty decorations adorning the house every which way you look and of course all of the yummy goodies spread out just for you.

I also think of the hope I had of Santa Clause bringing exactly what I wanted, and sometimes it was something I didn’t even ask for. I knew if I just believed he would come through no matter what.

Mmm, yes those were the days of innocence, where anything was possible and the word “no” was not in my vocabulary. When  my dreams of becoming a ballerina were fresh and my love of music began to grow like a little seed inside of me. Little did I know that life would not turn out as I had hoped it would, but that was just it- I HOPED in something bigger than me and that was enough to ignite the passion I had for both music and dance to last a lifetime.

That is why I love Home Alone. It wraps up the family, Christmas sentiment of decorations all around, even snow, a staple for an authentic Christmas celebration (which is ironic being that I am mostly native to Florida!).

Then there is little Kevin. Poor little Kevin. As everyone is caught up in the hustle and bustle of packing up their belongings, he is as calm and sweet as can be patiently seeking out a peer to help him pack his own suitcase. All he gets is turned down, yelled at by his uncle and alerted to the news that he will be the unfortunate soul sleeping with his cousin, the bed wetter.

Yes, poor, innocent and sweet, sweet Kevin. Now all he wants for Christmas is his family to disappear, but can you really blame the guy?! The sparkly glimmer he gets in his eyes when he finally realizes that his wish came true the following morning always gets me.

Here’s a 10 year old kid left by his family on Christmas morning, yet he sees nothing but the bright side in such an otherwise seemingly sad predicament. Nope, not to Kevin  McCallister! He’s gonna make the best of it, and not waste a single second either by serving himself up a healthy portion of ice-cream covered with all the sugary toppings a kid could dream of.

In a seemingly devastating circumstance to most kids, he makes the best of what he’s been given. That’s just movie #1. But I have to say that #2 is my favorite because of the faith the kid has his family will find him and how no matter what obstacle that presents itself, he never loses HOPE.

Just like in movie #1, he perseveres to out wit the 2 blubbering thieves, as well as outsmart the snively hotel staff in order to provide himself with a roof over his head. In the end, not only has he managed to bring his family closer together, but on his journey he brought warmth to a weary cast off’s heart through  his evolving friendship with her and her swarm of pigeons, as well as helping the toy shop owner by catching the thieves and salvaging the joy of Christmas for the orphans so they could receive presents.

The most touching part is when Kevin finishes speaking out his final wish in front of the enormous Christmas tree, he is reunited with his mother.  She guessed exactly where he’d be and hope is alive and well in both of them thanks to the love of a mother’s heart for her son and vice versa.

To me that’s what Christmas is all about- the hope of a savior born in a manger, come to rescue us all from the curse of death and in return give us eternal life; a hope everlasting!

Q4U: What’s your favorite scene from Home Alone?