Thomas Edison, inventor of the light bulb worked relentlessly in his workshop, often going without food or sleep (he did fail, like 10,000 times that’s a lot of hubbub). His wife thought the guy could use a rest, a vacation, so one day she tells him “You need a vacation.”

Edison asked. “Where will I go?”

She said. “Decide where you’d rather be. It could be anywhere on earth and go there.”

Edison smiled and said. “I will go there tomorrow.”

The next day he got up early and set off on his vacation.

She found him in his workshop experimenting, doing what he loved to do and being refreshed while doing it. How cool is that?

Jesus example
Jesus and his disciples walked all morning into Samaria. They stopped at a well for lunch. The disciples went into town to get food leaving Jesus at the well. While they were away Jesus must have gotten a second wind, because a whole town was evangelized. It was Christmas day for this village. Even the disciples, returning with lunch were trying to figure out who fed Jesus.

Jesus tells them doing God’s will was what He loved the most. He loved it so much it gave him the nutrition and energy he needed. God’s will can feeds us and energize us. His will is the strength of our souls.

His will is backed up with His grace! Grace is the ability to do what God has asked you to do. It’s empowering and energizing to you and your gifts.

So how do we recuperate from all the hubbub, and Christmas is big on hubbub, and what’s that got to do with vision?
It’s a good time to identify what energized you throughout the year, probably marked by a huge satisfying sigh of relief that you accomplished something you thought you couldn’t do. By God’s grace you did it!  When we begin to reflect on God manifesting in our lives we breath a little easier, we relax a little bit more.  We start to recuperate.

Hind sight is 20/20 and if we can finish this year identifying God’s grace, His undeserved power manifesting in our lives, and others, our confidence in God’s faithfulness will grow.

Imagine walking around next year in the same faith Jesus had. Imagine doing what you love the most. Imagine being energized by God’s will.  Wouldn’t that make you want to obey even more?

This past year I started this blog.  Truthfully, it took a whole lot of convincing on the Holy Spirit’s part.  I knew it was going to be a big commitment and a lot of work, especially the part about posting 5 days a week.  I didn’t really think I had anything to say.  I tried to negotiate with God to post whenever I felt like it, He would have no such thing. I even tried to convince someone else they should blog instead of me, of course I would help them get it started, the crazy things we do huh?

Right before I started, still a little nervous about the whole thing, I found myself having communion. During this communion service I had the revelation Jesus would give me everything I needed.  All the nourishment I needed was His flesh, the true Bread of Heaven, (Bethlehem) to feed the world.  I can say that this blog is a manifestation of His grace.  There were times I texted Tiffanie “today’s guest blogger is Jesus.”

He has been faithful throughout this whole adventure. The more I reflect on His grace the more confident I become. I am willing to embrace new challenges and new vision. Best of all I am set up to dream bigger dreams.

Q4U: Can you name one area of grace in your life from this past year? Mine was this blog.