Here are some tried and true methods to shooting yourself in the foot when it comes to New Year resolutions.

1- Be sporadic. A step here and a step there. Live by impulse, forget determination and whatever you do don’t ask God what to do. For instance if you want to be a better giver, give only on impulse. Don’t be determined to give.

2- Give up. If you don’t see favorable results all at once, quit.

3- Don’t ask for help! Don’t even look like you need help when someone comes around.  It will really help if you can get real offended when someone offers you help, that way they won’t try it again. 

4- Don’t get involved with others with the same resolution. Don’t have someone you are accountable too, not even casually.  If your goal is to loose weight don’t make friends at the Zumba class.

5- Pride will sabatoge any endeavor.  So pat yourself on the back for those resolutions that are for you, by you and just make you look good for even thinking them up. If your going to loose weight do it for the pride value.  You can even be prideful about being more healthy than others and you have more willpower than everyone else to resist that poison called sugar.

6- Surround yourself with “nay-sayers” and  unbelievers. Whenever you feel like you are actually going to succeed go out to lunch with them, and if it’s really drastic go on a weekend retreat with them.

7- Despise small beginnings. Take on way more than you can chew in an area you know absolutely nothing about which requires gifts and talents you don’t have.  Discount anything that comes easy to you.

8- Forget following anyone. Don’t take wise advice or listen to someone elses experience. Sing the song “I did it my way” if anyone gets to close with advice. Whatever you do don’t look up any experts. Avoid at all cost anyone that has been there and done that. Go ahead and re-invent the wheel.

9- Just start. Don’t think about it, just do it.  Don’t have a plan or strategy for success, just start.  Don’t in any circumstance pray about it. If you do pray about it pray with pride and in front of everyone. Make everyone around you feel like completel loosers for not praying with you about your resolution. Be careful though someone might start praying you succeed at your resolution. The inverse of this is “Put it off till later” and seems to be quite as effective.

10 – Live in fear. Fear will paralyze you. Fear will also attract whatever you fear.  So fear failing at your New Year’s resolution and wa-la you will.

 Q4U: Got any more suggestions on how to sabotage your New Year’s resolution?