I’ve been married 19 years today!

So in honor of marriage and romance here is a little video clip about romance from Jimmy Evans, author of “Marriage on the Rock.”

I had a pastor call me up asking for help to start a Women’s Ministry in his church body. I agreed on one condition, he spend one year encouraging strong and healthy marriages first. They now have a vibrant healthy women’s ministry that runs 50 strong in a very rural area, i.e. the sticks. The “Marriage on the Rock” video and book study was a key tool in accomplishing this.

If you really want to minister to the women, especially the married with children women, dealing with their marriages need to be at the top of the list.

You see strong churches are made of strong families.  Strong families have strong marriages. The best thing  you can do for your kids (and the kids in the children and youth ministries) is encourage and empower the marriages represented.  If you want the women’s ministry to contribute to strengthening the church body, then encourage strong healthy marriages.

If your looking for a teaching series for the women’s ministry to host, I emphatically recommmend  “Marriage on the Rock.”  It’s only 10 weeks long, with a 30 minute video.

Q4U: What ways can women’s ministry encourage and empower the men’s ministry?