Are you offering or receiving?

What if I told you not to serve?

You might hit me up with a verse like Psalm 100:2 “Serve the Lord with gladness” which implies we serve.

Scripture also says, “The Son of Man…came not to be served.” Mark 10:45

How can we serve God, with gladness, that came not to be served?

The problem isn’t serving, it’s serving in the wrong way.  We must be very careful when recruiting help in ministry for this very reason. The last thing you want is someone thinking they are doing God a favor on your team, or worse someone who thinks they are going to heaven because they are on your team.

Sometimes we serve in such a way it diminishes the glory of the All-powerful Provider. We can inadvertanly cut into God’s glory just by serving with the wrong mindsets.

What if we served, or did stuff for the Kingdom God never asked us to do? Could that be considered rebellion?

Serving God could mean rebellion? Yes, it’s called “works.” Which is having to perform and sacrifice in order to get His attention, His mercy, His redemption, His approval.  Isn’t all that free for the asking in the first place? Most of us get this, especially when we are tempted to tell people how legalistic they are.

This is a warning against any view of God which makes Him the beneficiary of our benevolence.  God cannot be served in any way that implies we are satisfying His needs, or doing His job for Him. It reduces the glory of God.

What makes God so great and unique to the world?  All the other so called gods insists men work for them. Our God will not be put in the position of an employer who needs us to be about His business to make the Kingdom work.  He doesn’t need us, we need Him, even in our service.

Sometimes we hear the encouragement for us to be about our Father’s business. Soul winning is God’s business. Redeeming is God’s business. Sanctifying is God’s business.  Yes, these things need to be in our thoughts, prayers, heart and our service. However we must recognize we can do none of it. Only God can win a soul, redeem a person, and sanctify, period.

Soul winners aren’t head hunters, placing help wanted ads out for the Kingdom of God.  That’s not the Gospel.  The Gospel is a help available ad. 

God is not looking for more people in the Kingdom to work for Him, but people who will let Him work in and through them.  When we serve it is only out of His mercy.  When asked by our leaders to serve it is an honor and privilege.

So what does God want from us?  What can we do that won’t belittle God and steal His glory?  What can we give God that doesn’t reduce Him to a beneficiary? How can we serve Him with the right attitude and mindset?

The only way we can serve is when we are completely dependent on Him, there is no other way around it. Serving outside of God’s grace is rebellion and faithless.

So before we set out in the first of week of the New Year to serve God better and bolder than last  year, let’s ask the Holy Spirit to chase down and annihilate any attitude, motive or mindset independent of Jesus.  Then ask Him to fill you up with God’s love. Romans 5:5

Q4U:  So how do we glorify God when we serve?