We all go through highs and lows.  We all have our ups and downs.  Here are nine lies that can ties us to the downs.  How do I know all this? I have been anchored to the down, it was the truth that set me free. I had to be hard on these lies, I had to be confrontational with these lies, every time I entertained these lies I entertained an enemy of God, “doubt.”

1.  Joy has to wait until everything is perfect.  The word perfect is relative, meaning what might be perfect for one person could be considered misaligned to another.  It’s pretty selfish to think everything has to be lined up to your specifications. When does God have say in any of that?

2.  There is only one way to look at any situation. Gloom and doom tends to be very rigid and frigid about circumstances.  This lie will repel any suggestions, and close you off to real help. Entertaining this lie is like refuting the fact there is nothing to difficult for God. It’s also prideful to think our perspective is the only perspective.

3.  I know what other people are thinking. Isn’t it a bit arrogant to believe you know what people are thinking about you, about your situation, even about your actions. Seriously think about that.  It’s called suspicion.  Even if your suspicions are right who cares? Being suspicious of people’s opinion of you will only leave you deeper in the hole.

Joy comes from knowing God’s opinion of you is high enough to send His only Son. There is amazing freedom when you have nothing to prove, particularly to people that don’t matter in the first place.

4. Other people should know how I feel.  This lie condemns the people around you.  The very people, in some instances the only people who really care about you are being condemned. Why? Because no matter how you shake it they are never going to know how you feel 100% of the time. Let’s be honest about this.  Even if they did know how you feel what can they do about it? Only God is the healer of a wounded spirit, a lifter of the head, and the Counselor.

5. I have no control over my life and circumstances. This one gave me the most problems. I guess I was a control freak. I had to come to terms with the fact I can’t control anything or anybody.  In fact the more I tried to control my life and circumstances the more chaotic they became. The flip side of this lie is my life is so chaotic, order and structure seems unattainable.

The truth is  I had to give control of my life to God. The more I released into His hands the more order and peace I enjoyed. The more He rules the less anything else does.

6. I won’t be disappointed if I expect the worst. Many dreams were flushed down the drain with this one. I won’t get worse, or more depressed if I don’t dream or even entertain anything hopeful. Disappointment hurts, so the lies tries to minimize the hurt. This lie is a “hope sucker, dream stealer, and a faith buster.” Spend enough time entertaining this one and you become the “Naysayer.”

The truth is God doesn’t disappoint. We might not like the way He does things, or doesn’t give us exactly what we want, but we can rest assure everything He is doing is for our best.  There is a subtle joy that wells up in us when things go wrong and we are still not derailed, just slowed.

or you think everyone is looking down on you

7.  Other people are fools and rubes. Pride will cheat you out of friends and wisdom. Discounting people because they haven’t gone through what you are going through, or maybe they didn’t know how to act around you will leave you alone and isolated.  This lie will even cause you to blame other people for your problems.

8.  Thinking about what can go wrong is just being realistic.  This lie seems like your being realistic but it is really based on imagination.  It’s a cop out for having faith. There is nothing wrong with anticipating potential fails, especially the ones you can do something about.  But constantly thinking about what can wrong and not being able to do anything about it invites panic, anxiety even unbelief to the already rocking self pity party.  It doesn’t take any faith to believe everything is going to fall apart and never work out.

9. The world is a completely miserable, dangerous place. Yep, but greater is He that’s in you. God’s grace is available.  Not only will you be able to face the completely miserable desolate place your in, you have the ability to transform it.  One of my favorite promises from God is “I will turn your deserts into gardens.” Isa 35

Q4U: What does the “Joy of the Lord” mean to you?