When Jesus had raised Himself up and saw no one but the woman, He said to her, “Woman, where are those accusers of yours? Has no one condemned you?” John 8:10

I was with a friend checking out a Bible study to see if it was going to be a good fit. The discussion got onto abortion and it was no holds bar. We both sat there stunned and silent, like we had been thrown off a building.

My friend was really struggling at the time with post-abortion and I was the friend walking with her through it. You would be surprised how many women sitting in church has had an abortion.  She was having a really hard time with the severity of that choice. There was just no way of calling that decision a mistake, a slip up or immature.  She couldn’t downplay the crime by claiming rape or incest.

She did it, and it was wrong, very wrong.

It was surreal. We were in the midst of an angry mob rightly accused of something horrendously wrong.

I wanted to defend her and every other women that had ever crossed the threshhold of an abortion clinic. To my shame, I didn’t. I could feel my temper boiling, what a bunch of, well let’s not go there. Yet, in the same moment my heart agreed with them.  I was feeling like I had let my friend down and compromising on a core value to boot. I was really in a pickle.

When we got in the car she grabs my hand and says “I’m glad you didn’t say anything, we will fight abortion other ways.”

She knew me too well. She knew I would have given them a real southern “what for” even at the cost of exposing her. She also knew that I was beating myself up for not agreeing or disagreeing.   My heart lifted, the pressure was off.  I let her down that night and she let me off the hook.

I asked her what was going through her head while they were spouting off their “humble opinions?” She replied,  “I felt like the woman who was caught in the act, on the verge of being stoned and Jesus writes in the sand. I felt him stand up for me and those ladies became unimportant. I felt forgiven for the first time. I thought people were always condemning me, it just didn’t matter anymore. The only one who could condemn me wasn’t”

The Holy Spirit revealed Jesus to her in that moment and she was set free, the pressure was lifted.

There is only one worthy to break open any seals, and it’s Jesus. There is only one worthy to let you have it, and it’s Jesus.  There was only one worthy to throw a stone that day and it was Jesus and He didn’t!

Whether those guys with the stones knew it or not the smartest thing they did was take this girl to Jesus.

Jesus handle this situation so eloquently. He got rid of the adulterer and at the same time she gets to live.  I love when He is rational. He keeps people’s dignity intact.  He didn’t play down the sin, nor placate the sinner. He didn’t call it a big mistake or poor choices, he didn’t reveal anyone else’s sin either.  He gave everyone a way out.

I pray today God’s opens our eyes and shows us that in reality we have no accusers worthy to throw a stone. I pray we hear the still small voice ask “where are your accusers?”  I pray we can honestly answer “there is none, Lord.”

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