“Delight yourself in the Lord, and He shall give you the desires of your heart.” Psalm 37:4

A lady once approached world-famous evangelist D.L. Moody on the street. She told him, “I’d like to get saved, but I don’t want to give up dancing.”

Though D.L. Moody preached against worldly dancing, he told her to come to his crusade, allow Christ to save her, and dance all she wanted to!

A few days later the same lady saw Mr. Moody again, ran up to him and exclaimed,”Now I know what you meant. I got saved two nights ago and now the ‘want to’ is gone.”

When we truly give our heart completely to Christ, He’ll replace our old, ungodly desires with His desires. And then He’ll grant those desires as we trust Him in faith.

This expectation of His grace will never leave us disappointed, especially in soul winning.

When a person begins to delight, or entertain Jesus – He will transform their heart. He will give them godly desires.  He will draw them to Himself.   He will sort them out.  It’s not what they can do, that’s completely futile.  It’s what Jesus can do!

Remember when you got saved? Should we get before and after pictures?
Did you get it right every single time?  Did the potty mouth disappear that very moment? Did the outburst of anger suddenly stop? The list could go on. There might have been immediate changes in your life in the beginning of your walk. Then again, there were changes that took some revelation and discipline to overcome. The more you got to know God the more you perspectives, your values, even your attitudes changed.

D.L. Moody expected God to change the heart’s desires.
When soul winning, it isn’t about what we can do, or even what that person can do.  It’s about what the Savior can do. When a person comes to a place of surrender it was because God was moving, He was knocking, He was addressing them.  Our loving Redeemer is the one that gives them the desires of their heart.  It is the Great Physician that will make them feel uncomfortable about their appetites, their language, even their friends.

For some people, they are surrendering one part of their life at a time. It’s up to us to walk with them as they surrender all of it.  You can’t really disciple them unless they are completely surrendered anyway. Check out this post. Discipling Unbelievers?

The point is God will change the desires of their heart.  When soul winning have faith in God’s promise to transform people His way. This confidence is contagious.  It will be amazing how many people will pick up on this belief. They will walk away confident that the pressure isn’t on them but on God.  Their faith is increased.

Have confidence in the power of the Cross. It’s amazing how a simple prayer was the beginning in of the transformation of so many lives.  Expect God to bring revival one heart at a time.