“But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added to you” Matt 6:33

My heart nearly stopped!

I lost my son! I was at Bush Gardens amusement park in Tampa and realized Severyn (7 years old then) was gone. I had only taken my eyes off him for a second, and he was lost in the crowd.

I didn’t look for my son. I didn’t gaze at, stare at, gape at, peer at; peep at, peek, take a look at; watch, observe, view, regard, examine, inspect, eye, scan, scrutinize, survey, study, contemplate, consider, take in, ogle; take a gander at, rubberneck, goggle for my purse.

I furiously began to turn the place upside down seeking my son. I wasn’t contemplating my son’s ability to ride a bike. I was on a quest the defensive linemen from the NY Giants couldn’t stop. I was bent on finding him at all cost.

I didn’t care how desperate I looked to everyone else, I didn’t care if someone was offended by me stopping the whole ride to find him either. I had to find him! My whole being, body, mind, heart and soul was bent on finding him.  There was no reasoning me out of not looking for him.  I had to find him that was all there was to it!

I wasn’t casually looking here and there. I was serious.

I eventually found him unscathed. An employee had him at her cash register waiting for security to take on the “reunion with parents protocal.”

Jesus is exhorting us to be serious about our search for Him and His Kingdom. If we truly want to see His Kingdom come then we will have to get serious about it. It’s like a starving person desperately seeking food, it’s intentional and your very life depends upon it.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying our walk with God is about Him keeping us starving. Nor am I saying God is so hidden it’s pointless to even search for Him.  I’m saying when you are intentionally seeking His kingdom you will exercise all the grace given you to find it.  He will fill our hearts so full of love we won’t want to do anything else.

Some people feel we don’t have to do anything, when we come to Christ.  Here Jesus is giving us something to do.  Seek Him with all you got!

How does this translate into ministry?
I’m sure most of you have already started your year planning meetings.  You have some ideas that you want to see happen this year.  You have some goals in mind.

Before we really start hammering out the details in the movements of our personal goals and the church can we pause. Let’s spend some time and really consider the difference between looking for the Kingdom and seriously seeking the Kingdom in our plans for this year.

What would that look like in our personal and corporate Bible Studies? Personal and corporate prayer meetings? What would our personal and corporate outreaches look like if we were willing to turn the city upside down to find His people?

I find in most Bible studies one person pours over Scriptures digging to find the Word while everyone else glances over the Word.  How can we nurture this seeking God by everyone?

What about our prayer meetings?  Are we willing to not let go of His Presence till our families, our marriages, our churches and our cities show evidences of Heaven on Earth?

When we plan an outreach really do some examination and see if you and the team are willing to leave the 99 and go over the cliff to find just one of God’s lambs? Are we going to seek the lost at all cost?

It all starts individually.  If we will start searching for evidences of grace in our lives, our families, our churches and even our towns we will find them!