Expecting God to do His thing, like transforms hearts takes faith. This belief that God is good on His word creates an expectation that just won’t disappoint. Check out an earlier post. 

I believe this lack of expectation is one of the reasons people have such a hard time with soul winning.

When we don’t expect God to give godly desires, we expect the person to do all the work. Basically your setting them up to fail. We have raised the bar so high they can’t possibly clear it.

Think about how self-defeating that is.  If your depending on a person to all of sudden get their lives together you will be disappointed.  The reason they are lost and broken is because of their inability to save themselves.  They wouldn’t need a Savior if they could.

When we fail to see how a simple prayer, or a 30 minute conversation will completely flip a person’s life we give room to doubt. We will have a hard time believing a person salvation is true even after they pray!

This is a contributing factor to why some have a really tough time walking away from a person without a 3 hour lecture on what to do next.  It’s why they just don’t see as many salvations as others.

Doubting God’s resurrection power is defeating. This is the same power that turned you and I around. It’s the same power that resides in each one of His children.

What ever you got is contagious.
It is truly Good News that Jesus took it all at the Cross.  It is truly Good News that there is absolutely nothing they can do to save themselves.

The people we witness to picks up rather quickly if we believe the Good News.

I’m not saying if your doubting to stop all witnessing.  I’m saying fight the good fight of faith!

This means believing when your not seeing. This means your not going to let experience sway your faith.  This means you will hang onto what the Word says whether your seeing it or not.

When you speak this resurrection life over someone it increases their faith as well.  They might not fall to their knees weeping and repenting, but they do become more open to the Good News of the Cross.

This expectation makes it a whole lot easier to share your faith.  The pressure isn’t on you or the person your witnessing to.  It’s all on God.  Go ahead put the pressure on Him He can handle it.

It raises the bar for God!

So what can we do to raise that level of expectation?
Take the time and confront some doubt of God’s ability to transform hearts with the Word of God. Do a study on the power and authority that resides in you. Get the Word in and watch it grow your faith.