When you steer a ship, especially the big ships you can’t just turn on a dime. When you want to turn the ship in the opposite direction sometimes you need to take it one degree at a time.  In rough weather, you really need to be careful in turning the ship around.

One degree at a time will take time and will probably go unnoticed. However, the ship does get turned around.  The people most aware of the course changes are the people on the bridge.

These crew members had intimate knowledge of the charts, the speed of the ship, the headings, the wind speed.  They tracked and marked each course correction.  They scanned the horizon for possible potential collisions.

The crew on the bridge is up close and personal.  They are part of the navigation team.  They understand course changes. They are completely aware of why the ship dips, rocks, rolls and even creaks.

It would be silly for someone below decks, say in the galley to call out new headings. It would be dangerous for the mess cook to correct the helmsman because the ship was listing a little too much for their liking.

People all around you are navigating some sort of ocean, sea, lake, river even a port.  Some are in wide open waters and some are in a small straights.

Navigating the tight spots of life require slowing down and making small adjustments.  Storms require a little bit more flexibility in the heading of the ship.  Wide open oceans means no landmarks to navigate by.

When I reach out to others I want to connect to where they are, not where they should be.  I want to know their situation, what are they navigating at that moment.  When they allow me on their “bridge” I can then speak a word that can navigate them to Jesus.

It takes a lot of humility for someone to receive a course correction.  That’s why most salvations come by way of someone they know and respect.  It also means pride doesn’t breed humility.  Humility breeds humility.  People have a hard time letting prideful people on their bridge. Who  wants a “know it all” or someone looking down on them navigating their life?

In what direction do I want to point them? The Cross.  Any course corrections without the Cross is condemnation.

Truthfully, the people that had the most influence in my salvation weren’t great theologians, and they weren’t Pharisees either.  They were just faithful to God, their mission and to me. They knew how to get to the Cross, they had been there quite a few times themselves.

Remember some changes take small steps over time. How many times did someone bump into your life changing your mindsets, your feelings, your health that lead you to salvation?

Dont’ be discouraged if your not seeing radical turn arounds in your own life.  Don’t be derailed if your not seeing on the spot salvations.  Don’t be dismayed if the ministry isn’t getting on course as fast as you would like.  Sometimes course changes take one degree at a time. Just because your not seeing it doesn’t mean it’s not happening.