The last post was about humanism and doing ministry for Jesus’s sake and not man’s sake. Check it out. Today is part 2.

Sometimes when we step back and see we have been doing things out of the wrong reason we want to stop everything.  Which is good, to a point. Yes, let’s get our bearings straight and keep moving.

Humanism can silence us if we let it

Now the inverse of doing things for the wrong reason is not doing anything for the wrong reasons. It could put you in the same humanistic boat as those out there doing it for man’s sake and not Jesus’ sake. That humanistic mindset could be the reason we abstain from reaching others.

Remember the definition of humanism? The denial of any power or moral value superior to that of humanity, rejecting religion for man made efforts. (don’t get me started on the whole anti-religion buzz in the church today)  In other words, 100% faith in man and ZERO PERCENT faith in God!

For instance, we don’t pray for people to be healed because we are faced with a very humanistic question (anti-Christ question): What if they don’t get healed? What will this poor person do if God doesn’t heal them?  What will it do to their faith? Our own humanistic concern kicks in and says “what will I do if they don’t get healed? How will I explain that?”

So it makes more sense not to pray? So hopes aren’t raised and disappointment won’t come?  Think about this!

Do you hear the undercurrent in that? Its all about them/us and a slight against God Almighty, Mighty to save, quick to deliver.

Our inaction denies the power of God. Our inaction is more concerned about how this human is going to feel, think and carry on.  Our inaction is depending on man to heal himself.  It’s zero faith in God and puts the healing pressure on man. Talk about having faith in all the wrong places.

What about soul winning? We don’t want to rock the boat. Their boat is way more important than God’s kingdom? We don’t want to scare anyone off? When you start soul winning guarantee you are going to rock some boats, and rocking boats makes people very nervous.

Now don’t’ get me wrong, I don’t believe we need to be so flaky we loose all credibility. I don’t believe we need to wield a 3 pound King James over their head. I don’t believe in arguing, hating or even shaking our head as if they were a lost cause either. We go because we are compelled by love to go. Sometimes it’s the tough love that people try to avoid.

We do need to speak the truth and sometimes the truth hurts!   Saying something in some cases will mean a confrontation of moral values (yep the Holy Spirit is confrontational).

Listen, the Word says our witness, our message and our testimony is going to smell of the Cross.  That smell is going to smell like roses to some and have the stench of a dead people to others. People aren’t going to like this at all, especially when the force behind humanism is so anti-Christ.

We can’t be intimidated to silence. They won’t call on God unless we say something.

Whoever calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved. But how can they call on Him to save them unless they believe in Him? And how can they believe in Him if they have never heard about Him? And how can they hear about Him unless someone tells them? Romans 10:13,14

It would be man made efforts to save themselves. When we don’t go out into the world with the Gospel message then we are relying on them to save themselves and that is humanism.

Jesus want’s to spend an eternity with everyone.   I have to tell them that all they have to do is call on the Name of the Lord and they shall be saved.  It’s for His Righteous Holy Name’s sake I say something. Jesus saves because it is the completely Righteous thing to do. When we say something we defend His name. Humanism says: He is a silent God, a hidden God, an upset God, therefore He is no God.  Hmmm I just can’t stand idly by for that.

Jesus paid the ransom for people.  He deserves everyone you meet. He paid the price for their freedom.  He wants an intimate relationship with every person you bump into today. Check out this post “Jesus Deserves All Y’all”

Not saying anything denies the power of Christ to draw all men, and the power of the Holy Spirit to convict.  It’s humanism and it’s wrong.

Q4U: What if your soul winning efforts got you killed and the person you win to the Lord killed, would your salvation message change?