Jesus asked “Do you believe in the Son of Man?” John 9:35

Here I was singing, more like belting out

(go ahead and sing it with me)
Then sings my soul, My Saviour God, to Thee,

How great Thou art!

and the Holy Spirit asks “Do you really believe that?”

Boy, did that deflate the tires.  I haven’t sang that song the same ever since. With that one question my eyes were opened to my unbelief.

I was emotional and passionate about the song, it’s one of my favorites, yet while I was singing the song I wasn’t really believing God Almighty was greater than my problems. It’s actually funny now that I think about it. What I was doing was believing in my belief, which I immediately realized I didn’t have any.

I was putting my trust in my own passion. I thought if I could just pray harder, preach better, fast longer something will eventually break.


Something deep down questioned if He was true to His word.  Could I trust Him? Would I trust Him?

Let me put it another way.
I believe Jesus can come and go, when and where He pleases, yet I found myself worrying if He was going to show up or not? I knew Him and about Him, but I didn’t trust Him.

Jesus had the audacity to ask this guy miraculously healed of blindness AND kicked out of his church (can you just sense the inner conflict)  – Do you believe?

This guy was thrown under the bus by his parents, ouch.  He had to face off with a bunch of religious know-it-alls, that’s tough. Now he is facing a life outside the network of support, in those days a lifeline.  He’s been under the gun and taken some hits because of Jesus. When Jesus hears what happens to this guy He intentionally finds him. (I love that! Jesus never takes our stand, our sacrifice, our heat for granted)

Jesus asked “Do you believe?”

There is a huge lesson in that.  Just because we go to church, sing some songs, are miraculously healed, pray, read our bibles and even lead a ministry doesn’t mean we believe. We can get like the Pharisees and be completley blind to our unbelief.

It’s like Jesus was extending His hand and asked “Do you trust me?”

I love the guy’s answer “I would like to.”  I can hear the trepidation in his voice.

Man, have I felt that way before!

Have you ever been there?  You know, when it seems life is coming at you full force like Hawaii big waves. It seems overwhelming and to top it off you might be in that spot because of Jesus.

Before Christ we lived in ignorance(darkness) and when life hit hard you just faced it the best you could and coped.  But now your a believer and it’s time to believe. Will we trust Him even in the face of sacrifice? Will we still defend His goodness in the face of controversy, adversity and overwhelming odds? Will we choose righteousness over personal comfort and even safety?

I can honestly say on quite a few occasions I was shaking in my shoes.  Thank God in our weakness He is strong. I needed Him to help me believe.

And to God be the Glory HE DID!

Can you hear Jesus asking you now?
Do you trust me?
Let this question today bring you some comfort and anchor in the storm.

First, He isn’t ignoring you, or hiding from you.

Second, He will help you to believe, to trust Him.  He will reveal himself like never before. We pray for these times with Him and well,  here you go!

Third, you can trust when you take the heat because of Jesus, He never takes that for granted.  He will intentionally come to your side.

Lastly, this questions is a sign He wants to get closer to you. If your in a spot and you don’t know what to do, let it be a sign, a great big neon sign that says “I WANT YOU TO EXPERIENCE ME LIKE NEVER BEFORE. Now do you trust Me?