Does the ministry seem like it’s just not going anywhere?  Or when you are doing something it’s like it’s just limping along?

Does it seem like since the last event momentum was lost or worse the ministry seems halted?

Does it seem like the Bible study is lacking some punch?

Maybe the ministry overspent and now there is a hesitancy to do anything else?

Lack of exicement? Hurt feelings?

Key people have backed away from attending?

You ministry muscles might have a knot in them.

We get knots in our muscles.  Ministry, like muscles function best when they are well-nourished and hydrated. Our muscles become strong and healthy when we work them out not work them over.

Unfortunately, no matter how well you take care of yourself, (or the ministry) muscles get knots.

Muscles knot up more on the athlete’s than the couch potatoes. Ministry is the same. Ministries that are really making a difference are going to feel it the most.

The Good News is a knot doesn’t have to cripple you or the ministry.

Instructions to dealing with a knot.

1 – Apply heat. Heat will help relax the muscle so that it can loosen and release the knot.  Jesus will baptize us in fire,which is getting some heat.  Spend some time getting the coals from the altar on your injury.   The heat has a way of changing your perspective and burning up toxins.  Intentionally add some heat to your next ministry meeting.

I belonged to a ministry that it seemed every volunteer was going through something. So for a season we all met for prayer, one day a week.  Within 3 months every volunteer’s life that attended had been completely flipped for Jesus.

2 – Massage the area.  A good massage will knead the knot out, especially the deep ones. Knots come with toxins, so remember to flush the toxins with water.  That is the Word of God and the power of the Holy Spirit. Allow time for the Holy Spirit to massage hurts, allow him to touch those areas even the deep ones.  This means you slow down in your personal Bible study time, allow the Word to go deep. Don’t rush to the next topic, or rush to pick up the next book.  Then as he brings the toxins to the forefront begin to flush.  Sometimes ministries need a good flushing, if you know what I mean.

3 – Stretch the muscle a little at a time, as best as you can. This will help keep the muscles surrounding the knotted muscle from clenching and thus adding to the problem. Don’t stop, don’t quit moving in the ministry, you might need to change some things up a bit, but don’t stop. Using the ministry muscles helps prevent atrophy.  Atrophy is a decrease in mass, arrested development, weakness and prone to disease. When we experience ministry knots we tend to back off from ministry and call for more fellowship functions. These are great but be careful it doesn’t cause atrophy (no growth, no soul winning, weak Christians).

4 – Muscle relaxers.  There is nothing like the wine from Heaven to relax the most uptight people, ministries and their teams.  Schedule some time where you or the ministry – worship only.  This is not a Bible Study, this is not a business meeting, this is not a planning meeting, this is not a conflict resolution meeting.  This is purely worship! This is purposely adjusting our values to His Holiness, it’s worship.  Bring in some outside worship leader and the band if you have to, it will be well worth it in the long run.

5  Sometimes muscle knots are caused by muscles lacking minerals. The best diet your body, soul, mind and spirit can go on is the Bread of Heaven, Jesus. Take some time feeding on Jesus.  Do communion if you have to.  Have a service around Communion.

6 – Apply a topical cream for muscle pain.  The anointing is something that is rubbed in.  The anointing will break the hold the knot will have long enough for you to get the Word in and the worship out.  Sometimes I will bring in an anointed speaker. Not a talented speaker, there are plenty of those.  No, I’m talking about a speaker that walks in the power of the Holy Spirit, and operates full on in her giftings.  These are apostles, prophets, evangelist, teachers and even pastors that Jesus gave as gifts because they are good for us. It’s great to bring them and invite the whole town, however sometimes I find it just as effective to bring them in on the night of the Bible Study.