Need some joy in your life? You know jump up and down joy!

I was wrote off in the beginning of my walk.  I was stubborn, willful and completely ignorant of the will of God.  I didn’t understand most of my problems was because of my blindness and deafness.  I scared a lot of well intentioned people off with my fear masked in intimidation. I was very rough and very raw. I had lived a hard life and it showed.

I gave up quite a few times until one person believed in what God could do in and through me. Thankfully they had no confidence in me, but they had a ton of confidence in God.  They knew one day my praise was going to be exuberant, and my heart full of love. When that day came they celebrated with me.  They were just as joyful for my freedom as I was.

These women were the ones that shared in my defeat as much as they shared in my victories.  They understood my tears because they were up close and personal. They understood my praise and rejoiced with me.  They shared my joy.

They were part of the victory in Jesus.  They were God’s hand’s and feet in my life.  They prayed with me, they encouraged me, they coached me.  They had invested in me.  They got a return on that investment – they shared the joy.

There was a girl on the softball team that was in a serious accident.  She broke her back.  It took months of therapy and many surgeries for her to even walk much less run.  Her family prayed over her night and day. We went with her to rehabilitation appointments.  We shared her pain during workouts. We cheered for her on the treadmill. When she slid into home after knocking the ball nearly out of the park the dug out came unglued! We were sharing the joy!

Need more joy? Nothing will bring it like the sweet smell of victory.

When we reach out to others, when we share in their struggles we will also share in their victories.

We also need to share our struggles.
Yes I believe God can make everything right in our lives and God alone does that.  That overcoming and overwhelming victory is so much better when we have someone to share it with.

For me, I had to let those ladies in my life.  I had to let them coach me, I had to let them pray for me.  I had to glean from their wisdom. They were sharing their joy in the Lord with me. I needed that.

I had to intentionally call them, and purposely rearrange my schedule to be with them. I had to go where they were. Sometimes the enemy will talk us out of joy just by keeping us home and isolated.  If you want more joy, than get around truly joyful people.

His joy, His faithfulness in their lives reverberated in me. They shared their joy and it strengthened me. To the point I stopped being victim and became victor.

If your needing some joy in your life then share your joy.  Share your battle with others, trust me the day of victory is so much sweeter when you have someone to share it with.

Share your walk with those going through difficulties and afflictions of the midnight hour.  For when joy comes in the morning for them it comes for you too.