A spring retreat is coming up!

“When you follow Jesus nothing is normal” Christine Caine

This isn’t your normal retreat. You know how I know? I’ve been asked to bring the message. I get my shout on every time I start praying and meditating on what He has in store for us.

When Jesus needed a retreat He went to the mountains.  When He came back the world witnessed entire cities being flipped upside down.

Well in Florida we don’t have mountains we have beaches.  God is calling all THUGs (Totally Humble Unto God) to the beach. It’s time to step away and get our bearings straight for a banner year of salvations. You see, Jesus is coming back soon.  It’s not God’s will any should perish.  So He is going to equip and empower His Bride like no other time in history to win souls.  This retreat is about equipping and empowering the soul winner in you like never before!

God’s glory is getting ready to hit like a giant wave. When I surf I can tell when an epic wave is coming by the drawing force and power of the ocean as it backs off the shore. It’s like the wave is pulling all the energy of the ocean.  That is happening now while praying and preparing for this retreat!  The anointing is strong for this event. This wave of His Glory will flatten any mountains that are hindering you and the Great Commission in you.

This retreat is about getting that Lion of Judah boldness that outweighs any doubt, indifference, and complacency.

It will draw out the soul winners in each one of us. It’s about gaining the confidence to step out and do might exploits for His Glory.

Ridge Assembly is hosting the Spring Retreat March 30 – April 1st in Cocoa Beach, Florida.

I hope to see you at  Ocean’s Resort and Landing in Cocoa.(bring your flip flops and beach towels)

Melinda and Wendy will take care of all the arrangements, the room, the registration all you have to do is call them ( 863.420.7000 ) and send in your fees.

You can check out the event info here on Facebook.

or you can go to Ridge Assembly website.

or you can call Melinda (let her know you want to go and she will walk you through the rest  863.420.7000 

I have one request for all you Women of Influence, all you THUGS,  all intercessors whether your going or not -START PRAYING!!

Let’s cover this event in prayer, prayer, prayer!  The next generation of evangelist are going to emerge from this and we need all the prayer covering we can get!