Wendy Schmeling is a licensed (soon to be ordained) Assemblies of God minister. Her goal is to be a THUG (Totally Humbled Unto God), as she seeks to fulfill The Great Commission that Jesus gave each of us. She also strives to see Isaiah 61 fulfilled in her ministry. Her aim is to equip believers to be soul winners. Wendy seeks to impact her world, as the 1st century church did. She doesn’t want to “do church.” She wants to get out of the box and “be the church” Jesus called all of us to be.

Intentional Planning with a Purpose

We all know the scripture in Jeremiah 29:11 that speaks about God’s plans and purposes for each of us. This scripture reveals to us that our Creator leaves no detail undone. His plans for us are purposeful and intentional. He, being the Great and Perfect Gentleman that He is, has set an example for us to follow. He always goes first, so we don’t have to be afraid to step out, when He asks us to do so.

Psalm 139 shows us that God planned out our life, before we were even born. He equipped us with unique talents and abilities, that He wants us to use to advance His Kingdom across the Earth. When we use what He gave us, He must be proud. It gives Him glory and is a way to praise Him for giving us those talents and abilities in the first place.

God desires for us to be like Him. He pays particular attention to details. It makes common sense that we should do the same. He does excellent work! It’s a testimony to who He is, when we live excellent lives for Him.

Over the years, I have been specifically purposeful in what I do, and how I do it. When He speaks, I listen. Sometimes, I have to take notes. The most important part is the acting part. I do what He says, just as soon as possible. I don’t sit on what He has told me to do.

We serve an audience of One! We must seek to please Him first and foremost. However, that does not give us grounds to disobey the authority He has placed over us. We do have to obey our authority, even when we disagree with that authority.

Timing is also a HUGE part of it! Sometimes you can be on plan A and others can be on plan B. A great friend, who is very wise in the Lord, shared with me that it’s times like these, when the Lord is testing us. We have to go back to the Lord and ask Him to work it out for us. Then, the hard part is waiting for Him to do just that.

It is especially hard when we want to deliver His specific vision and message promptly. We have to learn the delicate balance of waiting on the Lord to work it all out. He always does, but there are human factors and emotions involved. He is always working on all of us. The Lord does not override man’s free will, so we have to wait on Him to deal with the heart.

Sometimes, you have to wait years for the Lord to open the door to carry out the vision. It is difficult, and there will be opposition. In the end, the Lord makes a way. He opens doors that no man can shut, even though it seems like those doors will get slammed in your face. He is faithful to us, when we are faithful to Him, especially amidst opposition.

The Lord gave me a specific plan with very specific details. He actually let me in on the BIG PICTURE! I am so privileged that He did. He made the way for me to be intentional and purposeful. I just had to stay close to Him to see it through and NEVER give up!

Over the years of casting His vision, the Lord gave me even the smallest detail of songs, videos, theme, etc. Nothing was left undone. It was as if I were an event planner for Him. He showed me in His Word, in dreams and visions, in circumstances, even in songs on the radio. He just needed me to walk it out. So, I did it, with excellence, for Him! I can’t really take the credit for anything, other than plain old obedience. He did the heavy lifting!

To sum it up, the keys to “Intentional Planning with a Purpose” are to:

*Walk with, and Listen to the Lord.

*Be obedient unto Him, pleasing Him, above all others.

*Respect and honor the leaders He puts over you, even when you disagree.

*Remember, timing is everything. Don’t rush or push. God will make the way!

*Do what He says, with excellence, to praise His Great name!

*Persevere and persist! Keep going, until the job is done. You can’t give up, no matter what!