1 Samuel 17:43,44  “Am I a dog?” he roared at David, “that you come at me with a stick?” and he cursed David by the names of his gods. “Come over here, and I’ll give your flesh to the birds and wild animals!” Goliath yelled.

That was Goliath’s last words! 

 Do you have a Goliath in your life today? Cancer, divorce, bankruptcy, depression even addiction, Goliath can come in all shapes and sizes.  What is that Goliath saying?

Really think about it?  Write it down if you have too.

I believe the guys in the trenches letting Goliath intimidate them wasn’t really listening to what he was saying.  They were accepting Goliath’s reputation and size as a final word.

Sometimes we can be so in the situation we don’t hear or see clearly.

That’s when we need an outsider’s take on things.

When David walked up and heard the insults Goliath was throwing around he was astounded no one was taking issue with it.  Why? Because he saw the bigger picture.  He saw a guy trying to out do God! Really?!

Sometimes we can let our circumstances speak to us like Goliath. It’s like every morning before you even get out of bed they are there throwing around insults at you and your family and particularly God.

Get outside them for a minute. Write them down so you can really see and hear just how ridiculas they sound to a child of God.

Let’s get a big picture of the obstacles you face. When we put them side by side with God’s promises I’m sure they will sound just as ridiculas as Goliath sounded to David.

David doesn’t sit around listening to it, agreeing with it.  He mobilizes himself to make a stand.  He didn’t just rush out to meet Goliath, he inquired about it.  He educated himself about the situation. He even tried on the king’s armor.

Eventually David stepped out on the battlefield not necessarily armed to the teeth. God didn’t speak out of heaven in an audible voice telling David he could win this thing. Nor did God send an angel with a Word from the Lord confirming his victory.  He didn’t have a prophet come and prophesy over the battlefield. He had Samuel anoint him but David never even mentions it.  God was going to get the glory for this and not Samuel, not the anointing oil and definitely not the armor.

All David had was – God was faithful to His name and His character.  David wasn’t going to stand idly by will the enemy of God’s people belittle God.    Win or lose David wasn’t going to go down like that. David made a stand with no guarantees.

We all have Goliath’s.  Every person you meet is facing a Goliath. If your not facing a giant today, someone you know is and it’s your turn to stand and face it with them.

As you step on the battlefield today know that God is bigger and better than all creation.

Let today be Goliath’s last word!  Write it down and date it if you have to. Put it in your bible.  Title it with Goliath’s last word to me. You can even switch out the name Goliath to whatever it is your facing.

Now David didn’t just walk up quietly and say nothing! Sometimes we get this being meek thing out of order. Nope, David had a last word too!

David’s last words was the final word. They were the last words Goliath heard.

What will be your last word to the Goliath’s in your life.  What will be the last thing your Goliath’s will hear from you?

Write them down too.

Today is the day to put your Goliath’s on notice.