Matthew 15:34 Jesus asked, “How many loaves of bread do you have?”

Have you ever been asked to do something that was way past your ability? When Jesus showed up on the scene he did that consistantly.

We can get really bound up with our vision. We see what’s in front of us and think that’s it and no more.  But Jesus, He wasn’t like that.

People saw a lady with an arthritic hand, bent and contorted Jesus saw a lady fully functional.  People saw a blind guy, Jesus saw a whole man.  People saw a dead guy, Jesus saw a man walking about.  People saw a lady unclean because of her bloody condition and Jesus saw a woman full of faith.

Here is one of those classic moments.  Jesus sees a field full of people hungry and has compassion on them.  He sees them being fed and goes to make that happen.  The disciples see a field full of hungry people and no way to feed them.

Jesus will ask you to do overwhelming things.  But to him they are nothing compared to what He can do through us. I love how Paul calls us just “vessels for His glory.”

Today’s question is a ministry question and we all are in ministry!  What do you have that can feed the people? What is in your hand?

This question is a set up.  When God gets you to start taking inventory He is wanting to grace it with His supernatural favor.   It will accomplish what He sets it out to accomplish, no worries there.

When God is calling you to take action, like feed a group of people, teach a bible study, pray for the sick, take a whole city for Jesus – start small. Give what you have to Him and let Him multiply it and make it effective, for His Glory.

I love Matthew 10:5-10 in the Message. It’s seems like a daunting task yet, he makes it sound so simple. In His hands it is.

Jesus sent his twelve harvest hands out with this charge: Go to the lost, confused people right here in the neighborhood. Tell them that the kingdom is here. Bring health to the sick. Raise the dead. Touch the untouchables. Kick out demons. You have been given generously, so live generously.  Don’t think you have to put on a fund-raising campaign before you start. You don’t need a lot of equipment. You are the equipment, and all you need to keep that going is three meals a day.  

He then goes on to tell us what to expect and how to handle what we will face.  He end the whole command (yes, it’s not a suggestion) in verse 41 with “This is a large work I have called you into, but don’t be overwhelmed by it. It’s best to start small.” 

Today let’s hear Jesus ask “How many loaves of bread do you have?”  Let’s begin to take inventory of the resources we do have and give them generously.  

Sometimes God will ask us to do something and all we have is ourselves.  We don’t have resources to give, we barely have enough to feed ourselves.   Remember you are the equipment. Put yourself in His hands, give your life generously and Jesus will feed a whole city through you.

I know this lady that has a very small, out dated kitchen. Her house was not built for entertaining.  Her house is located in a questionable neighborhood. She doesn’t have fine china, or stemware.   Yet, she cooks the most amazing meals on the planet, invites over the degenerates (real scoundrels and criminals), feeds them and they get saved by the end of the night.  While she is cooking she is praying for that person, she is praying for their eternity, she is putting her very best into those dishes and she is feeding the lost with what she has in her hand.

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