There are some women that just want to keep the men and women seperate and to a point that is all well and good.  However, the men are our allies not our enemies.  We need them, we need their support and in particular their blessings.

I love what Marsha Woolley, PenFlorida Distric Assemblies of God Women’s Ministry Director says “We want this ministry and this event to be so good the men will want to come!”  Can we give a big “Amen!’ to that?

Here are just a few reasons (not all of them) why it is advantageous for us to have the guys support and their blessings.   This doesn’t mean they should go to everything but it does mean we can run things by them.

Men look at danger differently. They don’t see any.
Why should they? They are the protectors. They are wired that way.  They were built to go out and hunt and capture, their idea of danger is actually fun to them. They were created to protect.  The men can sense when there is a real danger around and will do something about it.  They bring covering and sensibility to risks.

Just look at the dad’s.  They let the kids take risks. When our hearts are jumping out of our chest he has this ear to ear grin saying “That’s my boy!” When the kids have a skinned knee the dads are so proud they will  show it off to everyone.  However, let something or someone threaten their family’s well being and it’s a different story entirely. I believe we will have more men at church if we let them actually do something about the dangers, instead of insisting they restrain themselves.

They trust themselves more than the experts.
Guys have an inner confidence that brings stability. They trust their decisions and will stick by them. We need the guys around for that very reason.  One of a woman’s greatest need is security and men bring that with them.  We just feel safer when they are around, because of that inner strength and confidence.  This also makes them more decisive. They trust their decisions and are less likely to change them last minute. There is great security in that. Wouldn’t more events be a lot less frantic if that was in place?

Ignores the details. 
They don’t get up in arms about the things that really don’t matter. Remember what the kids looked like when Dad dressed them for church? They ignore the fact that polka dots don’t go with plaid. They are okay with going to the beach with just a beach towel and a frisbee.  They are okay with the kids having ice cream running down their cone all over their hand and onto their new shoes.  Women can get so caught up in the centerpieces we forgot the real purpose of the event. The guys view those things differently.

Acts like kids 🙂 
The guys like to have fun.  Sitting around talking about their feelings all the time isn’t fun for them.  Playing is fun.  Women can forget there is time to play, and it’s okay to be silly even in our high heels. There is something about air guitars, football games and race tracks that speaks to the guys.  They have a way of getting us to lighten up on ourselves. Women can be so serious about the ministry we are hard on ourselves and everyone around us.

Waits before he jumps in.
When the babies are crying they don’t immediately jump up and try to pacify them.  They can even sleep through it. They will  wait to see if the child will work it out themselves.  We need the guys around for this one reason alone.  It is like women to have drama and then want to fix it right then and there.  The guys will wait and see how it works itself out before jumping in trying to fix something that might not be broken.

Doesn’t make a big deal over every battle.
I love how guys resolve issues.  “Hey man, I’m sorry.”  That’s it!  They don’t have to go over every detail that went wrong, they respect each other’s space, hurts and yes feelings and then moves on. There is hardly any drama with the guys. If there is they  don’t even have to talk it out.   It’s great to have the guys around when all the drama starts because they will be the first ones to say enough, especially when it gets out of hand.  When it’s over it’s over.  It’s amazing how the guys can grumble about each other one day but out on the river fishing the next.

Q4U:  What other traits does the guys have that could really benefit the women’s ministries?