Guest Blogger -Teri Gegen is the director of “Heartbeat”, the women’s ministry of Frontline Christian Center, Boca Raton, Fl.  Her articles here have just been amazing! She carries the Word of God in her so strongly and then the double threat of articulating it in a way we can all understand and relate! She is definitely a fierce force that put’s the enemy on the run.  Look out Boca!!

Today’s post is part two of the But God series.  Check out part one here.

“But God” Part II:  He Never Left My Side

After I shared my comforting little phrase with you, I found that I was no longer carrying it around with me. It was stalking me, big time. There was so much more to be said about my favorite two words because God is so much more. He is awesome and far too mighty to be encompassed in a little phrase.  So let’s expand the phrase to, “But God, He never left my side.”

He doesn’t, you know.  He never leaves your side.  Do you believe that?  We are so selective in what bible wisdom we believe.  Do you know our God as an all powerful, all knowing and all present Being?  (Psalm 139)  If this is true, then it is impossible for Him to leave your side.  It is very possible to feel lonely or abandoned, but as Christians we need to push past this to the truth of the bible and know He is still there – always there – “He never left my side” there – all the time – without fail.

Of course, as Christian humans, feelings will crash over us in huge waves and toss us about until we feel like we are drowning in loneliness, But God, who never left your side, is your life savior. He reaches down and pulls you outside of your current situation onto the solid rock of His love for you.   The bible gives us a good illustration of this in Elijah, who ran from Jezebel after she threatened to kill him in 1Kings 19.  He was a prophet of God and yet he ran for his life feeling fearful and alone, crying out to God to take his life.   But God provided for poor Elijah and asked him what’s up with you?  What is more. . .

Laban deceived and cheated Jacob, But God prospered Jacob and would not let Laban hurt him.

Joseph’s brothers meant to harm him, But God intended it for good.

David told Goliath, “You come at me with sword and spear and javelin, but I come against you in the name of the Lord Almighty, the God of the armies of Israel,” (in other words, But God), “whom you have defied.”

Saul sought to kill David every day; But God delivered him not into Saul’s hands.

Furthermore . . .

Twin sisters were born prematurely and one did not survive.  The family was greatly distressed, especially the surviving twin, who wonders to this day why she survived and her sister did not.  But God, through this tragedy, grew in this young girl a desire to reach the lost.  Now she is a missionary to Thailand.

A friend and her husband have a small company which was defrauded by a large supplier of materials they use in their business.   This is a David and Goliath situation.  My friends are determined to do the right thing as God would have them do.  This situation looks dire, but God keeps sending them new business as they keep their eyes on Him.

A dear friend has stage-four lung cancer.  Her insurance company refused to pay for the prescribed chemotherapy that would stop the cancer from spreading, But God intervened.  Even though circumstances seemed at their darkest, Dear Friend did not give up. She believes in and prays to God, who never leaves her side.  She is now receiving her chemo.

What is holding you back, Dear One? What is keeping you down?

Is it your circumstance?
But God pulled Daniel out of the lion’s den.

Character flaws?
But God once used Balaam’s mule.

But God spoke and poof!  The Universe came into being.

Are you looking to yourself or your situation? Let yourself off the hook and look to who our God is instead.  He cannot help but be who He is.  He cannot be unfaithful. He cannot lie or go back on His word.  He is omnipresent so He cannot leave your side even if He wanted to, which He  does not, because God so loved the world – so loved you – that He gave His only begotten son to die on the cross so that you might have everlasting life, overcome and be healed, reassured and comforted.  Bring your finite piece of God’s infinite plan and lay it in the hands of the One who is greater, stronger, bigger and badder than anything we are going through.  And that, Dear One, is no one BUT GOD.

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