What exactly is a comeback.  In some instances it’s a witty – put you in your place – quip from one to another.  Winston Churchill was extraordinary in his comebacks to insults, as was Abraham Lincoln.  President Lincoln’s comebacks seemed to maintain the dignity of both parties by poking fun at himself, that’s classic.

2004 Boston Red Sox - okay!

The kind of comeback I’m talking about today are the ones people make after horrible setback. History is chalked full of amazing comebacks.

Here is just a list of my own.

  1. Corrie Ten Boom
  2. Thomas Edison
  3. Ulysses S. Grant
  4. Johnny Cash
  5. Lance Armstrong
  6. Germany/Japan Post War
  7. Buffalo Bills 1993 Playoff Game (Dave made me put this one here, I personally don’t know why but I guess the football fans will)
  8. Joni Eareckson Tada
  9. Abraham Lincoln
  10. Jesus Christ’s Resurrection

Jesus was the most important person that ever walked the face of the earth, and water.  His life, death and resurrection was probably the biggest gamechanger in the history of mankind. Yet He experienced the worst of setbacks and yet had the unsurpassing comeback, ever!

Not only was He born of a virgin, literally God and man, He also was treated as a beggar, a low-down good for nothing criminal.  His message was clear about a new Kingdom coming, a political revolution yet he was viewed with contempt, scorn and suspicion, mocked by all the leaders of His day.

Guilty of no crime he was sentenced and executed in excruciating pain.   It was the epitome of cruel and  unusual punishment by the very ones He came to save. Now that’s a setback!

Only 3 days later (not 3 years, not 30 years, not 300 years later) He was up and walking around. He had risen from the dead!!  Now that’s a comeback!

But it doesn’t stop there.  He didn’t come back in an old tattered body that had been beaten, bruised, wounded, stabbed with a spear and nailed to a Cross.  Nope, He had the scars but His body was a new glorious body.

And it doesn’t stop there!

His comeback resurrection proved His victory over sin and death! Anyone who confesses their sin to Jesus will be given to the same victory!  Because of His comeback any person can experience their greatest personal comeback.

You could be experiencing some setbacks today, or even a series of setbacks resulting from mistakes, failures or even plain ole wrong place at the wrong time sort of stuff. No matter how far you failed you can experience a comeback of peace, purpose and meaning in life.

We could be inspired by all the other people’s comebacks, but that is theirs to own and experience.  What makes Jesus’ comeback so downright amazing and the best of all time is we can own it too! His comeback wasn’t just personal victory it was for all of us to have and own.

If you feel like you’ve been knocked down, or never even got out of the starting gate it’s okay! Because if you are still alive and breathing – you are still standing! There is still a possibility for a huge comeback!

All you have to do is say “Lord, I can’t but You can!”  then start believing He will.  No more looking at what has happened, or hasn’t happened but start looking at what can happen in God’s hands!

Go ahead write down the setback, write all the things that you have had to go through that has tried to keep you down.  Then start walking in Jesus power to an amazing Comeback!.