What kind of impact do you think it would have on your life if you personally witnessed a continous stream of non-stop miracles in your life?

You know a constant walking miracle. I have a friend like that.  Every breath she takes is a miracle and she is still walking and talking.

It happened to the Israelites too.  Check it out.
Hebrews 3:9 When your fathers tempted me, proved me and saw my works forty years.

That word tempted in the Greek means to put to the test.  Like test driving a car to see if it runs and handles like the commercial says it will.

The Israelites were led into the wilderness and were in a situation that demanded miraculous intervention daily, for forty years!  Without God’s divine help they would have never survived.  Their situation allowed God to be tested.   It was a time God used to demonstrate just how faithful and reliable He is.

Maybe your going through some tough times. Although you didn’t intend to get into the situation your in, wa-la here you are.  This is a time where you need to see the goodness of God! In a sense, your predictament created a moment when God’s goodness, faithfulness and power could be tested.

The Israelites needed supernatural intervention and they got it – for forty years.

1- God provided manna.  Scholars estimate about 4,500 tons a day, which means 65,700,000 (yes that’s million) tons over 40 years.

2- Quail supernaturally came out of nowhere.  That would be 90,000,000 quail in one day!

3- Water out of a rock!  This one always gets me, because this isn’t a trickle of water the movies like to portray it as.  This would mean 15,000,000 gallons of water a day!!! I just don’t see a trickle of water doing that.  It was either a gushing of water or God was multiplying it like Jesus with the 2 fish.

The challenges you, I and the Israelites face puts us in positions in which we have to see deliverances.  Each situation puts God in a position to prove who He is.  That word prove means tested and found to be true and geniune.

But let’s notice something.  You would think after God proving Himself day in and day out for more than 40 years these guys would be so ready to take the Promise Land.  Hadn’t He proved Himself as faithful?

What was wrong with this picture?

Hebrews 3:8 warns us not be like these guys by saying “harden not your hearts…”

That word harden in the Greek means basically stiff necked, hard soil that water can’t even penetrate.  Ever see water roll off the soil?

Could it be that after seeing so many miracles they became sort of numb to them? Is it possible that we can become calloused to the goodness of God, because we experience it so much?  I wonder how many times my hard heart was the reason God’s presence just rolled off me, unable to penetrate my stubborness?

I’m a Florida girl and love it.  Last year, I went on a girls trip to New York City.  It was the first time for a couple of them.  We were in awe of the buildings.  Standing on the top of the Rockerfeller Center was breathtaking. Uh Times Square, need I say more? We wanted to take pictures of everything. Being a people watcher I noticed most of the residents in NYC barely noticed how cool their city was.

I found it odd until I went home.  I was sitting on one of our pristine beaches staring at the magnificant Atlantic Ocean.  Tourist were snapping pictures of the ocean, the sand, the flip flops, and the shells. They were so thrilled over their beach towel with Mickey Mouse on it they could barely contain themselves.

They were responding to what they were seeing.  They were awed by it.  They were thankful they were in the sun and not in the snow.

What’s the one thing that will help to avoid being stiff necked and hard hearted?

Never forget how good God has been to you!  Respond to it by thanking Him for all the blessings you do have.  Write them down if you have to.

Every time God proves Himself and past the test – Respond to it.

You can:
Frist thank God for it!  Let it be an opportunity to worship Him again! You can never worship Him enough.

You could then write it down, to read later or pass down to the next generation.  You could call someone up and tell them how God proved Himself reliable, faithful, a Good Provider.

Let’s take time today and recount the many times God has passed the test.