Do you believe I can do this? Matthew 9:28

Sometimes we make plans and preparations just assuming the good idea is a God idea.

We have to learn how to put the brakes on, stop ourselves long enough to find out if even God is in on the plan. It might seem like things will take longer.  However, when He does speak giving us the marching orders the results are exponitally greater!  Not to mention we totally avoid the pitfalls that cost us time, money and energy.

Being sensitive to the Holy Spirit is vitally important if we want to see successful results not only in the ministry, but also at home or at work.

A classic example of Jesus being led by the Holy Spirit is in Matthew 9:27-30.

Two blind beggars heard Jesus was walking by, so they waited for Jesus to heal them.  He was healing people, a lot of people then so it was a good plan.  Yet Jesus walked on by.  Not even a stop, not even acknowledging they were even there.  The two blind guys were so upset they started screaming at the top of their lungs (that’s one way of getting someone’s attention) “Son of David, have mercy on us!!”

Jesus still walks on!  That is just incredible restraint. I mean really, there was no way he could have missed not one guy, but two guys groping around desperately following Him screaming at the top of their lungs.  It’s not like that happens every day.

Finally, Jesus gets to a house.  The two blind guys still following and screaming for His mercy.  Now I don’t know about you but that shows amazing amount of determination on their part.  How many of us would have given up after the first over look?

Jesus then asks them “Do you believe I can do this?”

This story perplexed me for years.  How could he pass them on by in the first place?  I just couldn’t imagine Jesus walking by not one but two determined guys like that.  Why didn’t he just immediately turn around and heal them?

Then one day I got it.  I walked up to a lady with severe back problems and as soon as we locked eyes I knew that I knew God was going to heal her. It was an instant rising of my faith.  There was no talking me out of it.  I prayed for her and sure enough she is healed!

Does that happen every day?  Nope.  Because I don’t always sense the anointing to heal at every moment.

I believe Jesus didn’t sense it on that day either. If He did He would have stopped like so many times before and layed hands, maybe even spit on the ground again and healed those two.  But, He didn’t.

The question gives it away and is also a great source of encouragement.  Let me show you what I mean.

That question was like Jesus was saying to the two guys “I don’t sense the leading or the anointing to heal you right now, so you two boys are going to have to receive this one on your own!”  Then Jesus tells them “Be it unto you according to your faith!”

When the healing virtue is flowing eveyone is healed.  Luke 5:17 says while Jesus was busy teaching the Word He suddenly sensed “… the power of the Lord was present to heal them.”

One thing I have learned about God’s anointing, you can’t turn it on and you can’t turn it off.

Jesus over and over told His disciples “the Son of Man can do nothing.”  It was His right relationship with God and His complete dependence on the leading of the Holy Spirit.

We too, because of what Jesus did on the Cross have the right relationship with the Father.  So how dependent on the Holy Spirit are we?  For the two blind guys their dependence was going to have to get personal.  Sometimes we lean on the pastor or some traveling prophet for our healing or Word, when in reality God wants you to lean on Him yourself.

I got two things from today’s question.  
1- Sometimes having other people pray for us, or give us a word is not going to produce the results we would like, however the good news is we can, by the grace of God, use our own faith to be healed anyway, or get a Word anyway!


2- Jesus didn’t go with a preplanned program or act mechanically every time a need was presented.  We can learn from this question and sometimes even ask those with the need “Do you believe He can do this?”  You will be really surprised at what people will say.