in·ad·e·quate/inˈadikwit/ Adjective: 
1. Not adequate; lacking the quality or quantity required; insufficient for a purpose.
2. (of a person) Unable to deal with a situation or with life: “inadequate to the task”.

Ever feel like you never are enough, or have enough for the circumstances you are faced with?

Do you sometimes think you could have done it better, or tried harder if only you were smarter, stronger or even more loving? Try being a parent of a teenager, that will give you a run for  your money. 🙂

Or maybe you wanted so badly to have succeeded, pleased your spouse more, make your boss happier, have your parents proud of you, or even be used of God more and it seems like you just don’t have the right stuff?

Have you ever wished you could get a do over? Or wished you you had thought of that sooner? Maybe you even wondered why you waited so long to act?

Have you ever thought why am I passed over again? Unrecognized? Ignored? Unvalued? Not respected?

How about the whole why did he pick her and not me? Am I not pretty enough? Do I weigh too much?

Why didn’t they ask me on their team?

Am I inadequate?

Do you know how many people battle this sense of inadequacy? I am one of them for sure.  When I get my eyes off the truth, this form of assualt rushes in like a flood.

How could we go through this life without ever feeling inadequate again, especially when God seems to keep calling us to higher and higher roads? It seems like just when you finally learn to lean into His sufficiency, take a deep sigh of relief, rest a bit there He is calling you to an even more difficult path.

Just when you think you got this whole forgiveness down, don’t you know that’s when something even more unforgivable comes your way, demanding even more excellent mercy from you!

It’s when I take my eyes off His truths (the very ones that set us free) and fail to walk in them, applying them to my life, looking to man and in particular myself than to God I fall incredibly short.  I allow what I see, feel and think is necessary or advantageous or strategic to overtake what I know is truth.  I have fallen to my knees, weeping in repentance because I had forgotten or even in disbelief that I am adequate because I am a child of God and nothing, absolutely nothing else matters.

We all are a treasures.  
If there was a treasure map you would have a great big X on your head.

2 Corinthians 4:7 But we have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the excellency of the power may be of God, and not of us.

If we were to translate this whole thing in Greek (which would be an excellent study) it would say something like:

We possess treasure within ourselves! And not only do we possess treasure, but our easily broken, inferior, temporary bodies are themselves the treasure chambers where this astonishing cache is kept…”

The Greek for earthen vessels phrase used to describe our bodies is ostrakinos (the original version for ostracize, hmmmm that could preach too).  This phrase describes something as cheap, small, easily broken pottery made of inferior materials.  It was considered very low class to have them in your house.

Think about this for a second.
Eating just one wrong thing can kill you (I know this personally)
Working too hard could break you
To much pressure and you will crack
Eventually we all die!
YET!! God places His greatest treasure in you anyway!

I just love how God uses the foolish things to confound the wise!

If your feeling inadequate today.  Have no fear God is here!

Get this picture in your mind and your heart.  You are a treasure hunter’s dream! You have a great big “X” on you. You are the hiding place, the residence of the most formidable force of the entire universe God’s Holy Spirit!  YOU!! Yes YOU!!

I don’t know about you but that’s a total game changer for me. l don’t have the right stuff, but God does!  And everything God touches He makes glorious.  I feel a shout coming on!

So how do you never feel inadequate again?!

Go to the Cross and lay down (every day, every minute if you have to. Don’t let go till you truly grasp this truth) every area of lack, any inadequacy.  After you have layed it all down, and I mean all, start receiving all that Jesus died for you to have!

Wisdom, strength, wellness, love, acceptance, peace, mercy – GIRLFRIEND – the list is unlimited.  Go get everything the Lord has for you! Your going to need every bit for the plans He has for you!