I’m a soul winner. I love it and I won’t apologize for it.  I’m often asked to come and light some magical fire in people so they can be soul winners too.  I don’t mind it, and in fact it is part of my calling to equip and empower the church.

Now of course there is always those in the crowd that cross their arms and ‘Humpf” their way through this with things like “A church shouldn’t need someone to come light their fire, humpf!”  Yep, but I find the people making those statements normally don’t win souls.  They are what I call a “humpf-alottas”  It’s okay they will get the point one day.

I sort of understand them though. Follow me on this one for a second.  I like doing things I want to do, not things I have to do.  When I find myself “having” to do something that I’m not particularly motivated to do, I cross my arms and say “humpf, why you guys always talking about that?”

There are three distinct reasons I like to win souls, they motivated me, they keep me getting back on my feet when it seems like all else is lost.  I hope these three reasons will cause you to be inspired and motivated to seek a deeper and more fullfilling walk with Jesus.

You see if you want to find Jesus check out what the Word says in Psalms 109:31 For He (that’s Jesus, God and the Holy Spirit) stands beside the needy, ready to save them from those who condemn them.

1 – It’s the will of God. Yep that whole “Your Kingdom come YOUR will (not my will) be done on Earth as it is in Heaven” is a petition we pray.  How can we sincerely petition this to God if we are going to totally ignore soul winning? Isn’t that whole part of the prayer about bringing Heaven to Earth about soul winning? Expanding the Kingdom to Earth?  There is another Scripture that says “God is not willing that any man should perish”  It is totally God’s will to win souls.

Let me right off the bat say soul winning, or the lack of, is not about bringing condemnation to anyone. I just have to ask why be baptized in the Holy Spirit if your not actually going to do God’s will? That baptisim, the gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit is to expand God’s Kingdom and reveal Jesus, the Lamb that takes away the sin, to a world that is hurting in desperate need of a Savior.

I make one very strong stand – and that is – Soul Winning is the perfect will of God! It’s not just for a select few, it’s for everyone. It’s the Great Commission not the Great Suggestion.

It’s His will to win souls and He will give you the grace to do it!

2 – Excitement – The technics of soul winning is just as different for people as there are people.  If you look through history at the lives of some great soul winners you will see they all do it their own way.  Some speak as great orators, eloquent and natural, others are rough and simple, and yet others don’t speak at all, they just bring God’s love to a world craving nothing less. But the one thing that is common is the excitement of seeing lives changed, not just here on earth for a season, but for all of eternity is unforgettable.  To see someone that has been rejected, outcasted and set aside all their lives finally know what it feels like to be accepted, hugged and loved, become the pick of the crowd is a moment you will want to do over and over again.  It never gets old.

It’s the single most rewarding moment of any believers and particularly the church’s life!

3 – Burden-  Now I’m not talking about some burden that has me cast low and depressed all the time.  I’m talking about His weighty presence everytime I get near the hurt, the afflicted, the failures, the sick, the needy.  I just can’t shake it.  I pray for it all the time.  Lord, bend me for souls. If they won’t weep over their sins I will weep for them.  It is the compassion of Jesus that compels me to speak out.  It’s sensing that overwhelming compassion that I can’t shake nor do I want it to leave me.

You see I used to go to all these conferences, and healing crusades and all other sort of church events for one reason: ME.  I wanted to feel His weighty presences, I wanted to experience it like the Bible says I can.  Yeah, I would get a little drop here and there but nothing like I was envisioning.  UNTIL, soul winning, His Presence is full on!