Let’s just figure out God’s purpose.  That’s all this is. A journey to not just knowing about God, but to know him intimately.  Let’s loose the “me” Gospel and grow into the glorious Bride we are destined to be.  

I took a couple years off to digest the great moments of God’s revelations in my life.  To not just say “yeah, yeah that awesome God” but to apply to my daily walk, talk, prayers .. you know the drill. My message is the same today as it was two years ago – It’s no longer about doing stuff more or harder, it’s about being in a relationship that glorifies the Creator of all things.  To enjoy His daily life stirrings and to take the life He has given me and reciprocate the love the best I can.  We all are rookies in love, nothing compares to what He is and His ultimate purpose in our life.

Purposefully left the old post as a record that God grows us, and NO ONE is exempt from that.  Hopefully I’ve grown as a writer fearless of man’s opinion and as a person with absolutely nothing to prove but only God to please.

My prayer is that maybe something I have been through and the core values that God has established in me will help others get to that place Mary Magadalene opened for all of us, washing His feet with our tears and wiping them with our hair in extravagant love.

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